Katy Perry’s Coronation Concert Act Fit For A King

From performing at the Super Bowl to President Biden’s inauguration, Katy Perry has been on the bill for many big events over the span of her career. This continued on into 2023, proving that, over 15 years after her first number one, the star was just as in demand as ever as she performed at King Charles’ Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle. Katy Perry appeared alongside a wide range of other musicians that night, including the likes of the Royal Opera, Olly Murs, and Lionel Richie.

Katy Perry made a grand entrance to the stage, adorned in a shimmering golden ballgown, perfect for a royal celebration. As the head of a lion appeared in lights over the stage, Katy strode out to the opening bars of her 2013 hit ‘Roar’. She performed the track with a royal twist, as an orchestral arrangement backed up the track. Singing the song with her trademark powerful vocals, Katy sounded studio-standard as audience members danced along and the Windsors waved their Union Jacks.

Not only were the attendees impressed by her performance at the concert, but so were online viewers. The video of her performance of ‘Roar’ has received over 6.8M views, with fans showering her with praise in the comments. One commenter was surprised at the choice of Katy Perry for a Royal concert, commenting, “I don’t know why they chose Katy for the Coronation Concert, but I’m so glad they did!” One can only assume King Charles is just as big a Katy Perry fan as the rest of us!

Katy stayed onstage to perform a second song in order to entertain the Royal Family and all those who had come to celebrate and enjoy the music. This time, she performed ‘Firework’ from her 2010 album ‘Teenage Dream.’ This was a particular highlight for many attendees, as the track was especially successful in the UK, selling over 1 million copies in the country alone. She belted out the song, once again proving her live vocal talents to be just as impressive as her in-studio ones.

Having been invited to perform and giving such impressive performances at such a number of big cultural events, Katy Perry has proved that she can step up and give the performance of a lifetime, no matter the situation. With her recent announcement that she will now be leaving her position as a judge on American Idol to pursue her music and a new single coming out in July 2024, one can only imagine the heights that Katy’s career will reach in the future.

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