Julie Andrews Gets Emotional As Mary Poppins Tribute Drops In

In the video below, Julie Andrews is receiving a lifetime achievement award from the American Film Institute (AFI). As a tribute to another of her famous characters, Broadway actress Brandi Burkhardt descends from the ceiling, umbrella aloft, as Mary Poppins. The camera cuts to Dame Julie, and she looks absolutely enchanted.

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It's clear she remembers her time as the famous nanny and that she is moved by this performance.

Brandi does not sing, which must have been a relief. Singing in front of the woman who made the role so famous would be intimidating. Dame Julie's voice and her performances were flawless, so it would be a hard act to follow. Dame Julie beams and blows a kiss to her, which must have been a fantastic moment.

The second video is also from the AFI lifetime achievement awards. When it starts, Dame Julie explains that other than My Favourite Things, her favourite song from The Sound Of Music is Edelweiss. She rightly states that the song touches a place deep inside everyone's hearts.

The video moves on to a live performance of the song by British singer and actress Cynthia Evrio. She looks stunning in a flowing white dress and shows no hint of nerves, although it must have been daunting. Meanwhile, Dame Julie can be seen smiling and swaying to the music. She applauds enthusiastically at the end, which is a big accolade. Take a while today to remember these films from so long ago and Dame Julie's exceptional talent.

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