Jonny Awsum Turns Around Sceptical Judges On BGT With Hilarious Musical Parody

Jonny Awsum looks very much like your average middle-aged bloke, but this Derbyshire dad had something special up his sleeve for Britain’s Got Talent. After introducing himself, Jonny asked hosts Ant and Dec to come up and taught them to do a silly dance with him. The judges were clearly unimpressed with this slow start but things got very wild from there when the comedian broke into song and launched into a zany parody of musical songs.

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Jonny sang an original tune which riffs on theatre stereotypes and the silliness of randomly breaking into song during everyday life the way musical stars do. The funny dance with Ant and Dec reappeared in the chorus, with the boys loving the chance to be part of the fun for once. But Jonny wasn’t done yet, and soon a full band joined the wacky performance along with leggy chorus girls who added some dazzle to the dance and helped bring it to a big conclusion. Check out the audition below.

After seeing Jonny’s highly creative and original act, the judges had a very different song to sing compared to their initial reaction. Judge Alesha Dixon spoke up first, saying “Jonny, you are awesome! Everything about it was really, really polished. The lyrics are brilliant and you are the most likeable guy.”

Judge David Walliams knows a thing or two about comedy, and the funny man weighed in next with “Jonny that was brilliantly inventive. The amount of people we give two or three minutes on this show to and you think, is that it? But you went to town. We couldn’t want for anything more.” Amanda Holden was similarly complementary, saying “you did a full scale show for us, and you featured Ant and Dec too. It was absolutely brilliant.” You can see Jonny’s return to the show in the semi-finals below.

Boss man Simon Cowell is not the easiest man to please, but even he had plenty of praise for Jonny’s act, saying “Jonny, it was so smart. I think this whole kind of musical thing really worked because it made you stand out. I like you a lot.” Unsurprisingly given the warm reception to Jonny’s song, the Derby comedian then got four yes votes from the judges, which he was clearly stoked about.

Jonny had a lot riding on his Britain’s Got Talent audition, as making it in the comedy game is a hard slog and he also has a wife and two young children to support. He told the judges that he came on the show because he “wanted to come and play on a big stage to a theatre full of people and I’m very excited about doing it.” He added that “to be totally honest, I need the chance to play to a big audience such as Britain’s Got Talent.”

Jonny eventually made it to the semi-finals, where he was eliminated, although since then he’s continued to find plenty of bookings as a professional comedian, as you can see on his socials. If you would like to see more from Jonny Awsum, you can follow him on Instagram. You can also visit his official website for more information.

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