Jessie J Gets Once-In-A-Lifetime Chance To Perform “We Will Rock You” With Queen Live At The 2012 Olympics In London

The Olympic Games is an incredible event that brings the most impressive athletes in the world together in one place to both compete and celebrate their sports. It’s an internationally renowned event that garners global coverage and worldwide renown. Not only that, but it is also an opportunity to combine sport with other aspects of society, with musical performances thrown in to add to the celebrations.

As the 2012 Olympics were hosted in London, it was only fitting to have an iconic British act to perform. Who could be a better pick than the world-famous rock band, Queen? Whilst Freddie Mercury is sadly no longer with us, the rest of the band came together to celebrate the Olympics with the help of Jessie J on vocals. Her contribution added a modern flair to this timeless rock classic that made the 2012 London Olympics celebration a night to remember. Watch the incredible video below:

Before Jessie J came onto the stage, the crowd was treated to a blinding solo guitar performance from none other than Queen’s guitarist, Brian May. The performance was complex and varied, ranging from anthemic riffs to twisting solos that were sure to give goosebumps to the audience. Before long, Brian May eventually began to play the classic Queen hit, “We Will Rock You”. This was the song that catapulted Queen into the mainstream media and also certified them as timeless rock legends who are s

The performance begins with an unmistakable viral hit. Several times throughout Queen’s career, Freddie Mercury would challenge the crowd to match his vocal range, by singing increasingly complex acapella bars and expecting them to sing them back to him. He was always impressed by the audience’s ability to match him, and it is a true sign of both devotion to the band and a testament to the electric atmosphere that can be felt at a live show. Watch the incredible original video below:

Just like in the original video, the crowd at the 2012 Olympic Games replicated Freddie Mercury’s singing and got the chance to share in the marvel that was Queen. Formed in 1970, the band started in the hard rock and heavy metal circuits before venturing into conventional rock and pop rock, which earned them worldwide fame. Since their humble beginnings, the band has sold an estimated 250 million records and is known as one of the world’s best-selling music artists with countless awards under their belts.

Alongside Jessie J’s performance with Queen, other acts were abundant at the 2012 London Olympics. Amongst them were musical performances from Take That, Emeli Sande, and the Spice Girls, but there were also some acting performances throughout. Rowan Atkinson, known globally as the British comedy persona Mr. Bean performed a comedy routine in which he acted as a member of the Opening Ceremony’s orchestra.

Wherever the Olympics are held, it is a time to celebrate sportsmanship, culture, and humanity. Every edition of the Olympics is an entertaining time full of incredible athletic talent, and dazzling performances for all to enjoy.

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