Jessie J Invites Little Girl To Sing With Her Onstage And It’s Wonderful

Ever since Bruce Springsteen famously pulled a young Courteney Cox onstage to dance with him, it’s been the dream of every concertgoer. Recently, a beautiful video has swept the internet showing a young girl’s dream come true as Jessie J invited her onto the stage.

Jessie was performing at the Electric Castle festival in Romania, and even though there were thousands of fans in the audience, one girl, in particular, caught her eye. She was in the front row, singing, dancing, and pretty much giving it all she had. On the spur of the moment, she decided she had to ask her to come up.

Not quite able to believe it, the youngster arrived on stage. She explained her name was Adalia, she was ten years old, and she dreamed of becoming a singer just like Jessie J. Now that she was there, Jessie had to decide what to do. She asked Adalia if she wanted to sing “Price Tag,” but Adalia showed confidence and maturity far beyond her years. She told the superstar that she wanted to sing “Masterpiece” instead.

Without missing a beat, Jessie responded, “Okaaaaay girl let’s go – track or acoustic.” Adalia said “track,” and Jessie said, “first or second verse.” Adalia said, “first, please.” In a motherly moment, Jessie helped Adalia put on an earpiece and microphone. While she did it, she offered her advice, “This is going to be really scary, but this is going to change your life forever, okay? So just take this moment and enjoy it.”

A moment later, the music started, and Adalia started to sing. Jessie J, her band, and the audience were all gobsmacked. It seemed impossible that such a mature, confident performance and stunning voice could come from a ten-year-old. She didn’t even seem nervous! The crowd went wild, and Jessie J couldn’t hide how impressed and emotional she was.

Since the video was uploaded, it’s been viewed 45 million times and received an avalanche of positive comments. One person summed it up the best:

“I don’t know if being an entertainer is in her future, but she has the innate ability to work the crowd in a way that few people have, and she’s freaking 10. What she showcased was raw talent; if she keeps going and honing that skill that she just showed, she’s going to become powerful.”

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