Don’t Mess With 9-Year-Old Karate Kid Jesse-Jane McParland On Britain’s Got Talent!

9-year-old Irish schoolgirl Jesse-Jane McParland has the soul of a samurai, as seen in her sword-slashing audition on Britain’s Got Talent. The youngster spoke in a precious voice about her dreams before the audition, but things got real once she picked up her katana and started slashing it around the room like a warrior. The judges’ eyes went wide as she performed an intense karate routine with the sword that featured flips, jumps, and blood-curdling screams.

It was an amazing sight to see Jesse’s prowess with the blade and the ferocity of her routine, which you would never be able to guess from her cute pre-audition interview. Before Jesse started, judges Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon looked at each other like proud mothers, with Dixon calling the youngster “a dinky little thing.” Their faces soon turned to shock and awe once the blade-slinging started, however. Watch Jesse crush her audition below.

With 66 million views on YouTube, Jesse’s audition went down in Britain’s Got Talent history as one of the top 20 most popular performances ever on the show. Simon Cowell opened the judges’ comments with a cracker, asking if Jesse wants a job as his security guard. Holden then asked why the youngster decided to go into combat sports. She charmed the crowd with her response, “I used to do ballet and Irish dancing, but I didn’t like it.”

David Walliams said, “It was brilliant as an act. I’m sure you’re going to be in the Olympics one day for karate.” The judges then took a vote and Jesse got four big yes votes from the judges. Jesse, who hails from the small town of Armagh in Northern Ireland, progressed to the semi-finals where she was eliminated in the public vote. The public voters later changed their minds, however, and brought her back for the final as the public wildcard.

All three of Jesse’s performances on the Britain’s Got Talent YouTube channel have reached 10 million views, making her quite the favourite with viewers. Many performers enjoy a viral audition, then their other appearances barely make a dent, but not Jesse. Jesse has since become a genuine badass after her time on Britain’s Got Talent. She holds over 300 martial arts titles and is a 21-time World Champion and 12-time European Champion.

If you want to see more of the petite samurai, Jesse-Jane McParland, check out and like her Facebook page or visit her official website through the Intertalent Group. Watch the 9-year-old Irish schoolgirl wield her katana with agility and ferocity, in one of the most popular performances ever on Britain’s Got Talent.

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