Jess Robinson Has Judges Rolling With Wacky Musical Impressions On BGT

Impressionist Jess Robinson had always wanted to go on Britain’s Got Talent but “always chickened out”. However, after a recent divorce, the vivacious 33-year-old gave it a shot and fans got a real treat because her wacky musical impressions are hilarious and totally on-point.

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The London lass was visibly nervous at the start but bowled the judges away once she got going. She kicked things off by channeling the one and only Shirley Bassey on the Goldfinger Bond theme and nailing the star’s bombastic style. Without skipping a beat she then totally changed gear and launched into “The Hills Are Alive”, amazing the audience members and judges. You can watch her audition in the clip below.

Robinson wasn’t even halfway done yet and then invited Simon Cowell to play snog, marry, kill, with one of the choices being operatic pop star Katherine Jenkins, and surprising no one by this point, she then showed she could sing opera flawlessly too. After a pop impression she then brought her act to a big conclusion by busting out “Cabaret” like Liza Minnelli, which got the entire room on its feet – except for the famously hard to please Simon Cowell, although he did deign to crack a smile.

Judge David Walliams was a big fan of Robinson and commented “what is there not to love about you? That was fantastic – it was a really witty act. We all loved you.” Alesha Dixon chimed in next, saying “this is one of the rare moments where we sit back, relax and enjoy the show. That was a stunning audition. Well done!” You can watch Robinson’s follow-up performance in the semi-finals below, where she tackled Adele, Shakira and even Alesha Dixon!

Amanda Holden weighed in next, saying “honestly Jess, that was amazing. You’re a really, really talented girl.” Cowell praised Robison’s ability to push through her nerves and said “I have to say Jess, it is so hard to do what you just did. The way you combined the songs is great.” She then got four yes votes from the judges, sending her well on her way to her dream of performing full time.

Music fans online were even bigger fans of Robinson than the judges, adding comments such as “She needs a golden buzzer and deserves to win the show! I’m so proud of her,” and “she gave a four star performance. I could watch her over and over. She is that good. How she combined several songs and impersonated the artist, it’s outstanding. She deserved the standing ovation and more.”

Perhaps they’re right as well, as Robison certainly has the x-factor as well as an amazing voice and a hysterical act that got the whole crowd pumped. The comedian eventually made her way to the semi-finals of season 11, where she placed fifth overall. Since her time on the show she has been busy working in voice acting and television, with appearances on Channel 4, ITV and other high profile productions. If you would like to see more from Jess Robinson, you can subscribe to her YouTube channel. You can also visit her official website for more information.

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