13-Year-Old Jennifer Aoun Stuns Judges With Celine Dion Cover

Jennifer Aoun was only thirteen years of age when she arrived to perform on stage for Talang, or Sweden’s Got Talent. Despite her young age, the Lebanese-Swedish singer impressed onlookers with her stunning and mature performance of Celine Dion’s ‘The Power of Love’. Appearing on stage in a simple black jacket and jeans, Jennifer sang the moving song with passion and conviction as she seemed to get lost in the music.

The young singer amazed the judges with her powerhouse voice, belting out the notes in a way that did Celine Dion justice. Her impressive vocals caused the judges’ jaws to drop, and when she reached the most challenging part of the song, all of the judges cheered and applauded her abilities. The audience was similarly impressed, sharing shocked looks and cheering as she sang. At the end of the performance, the audience and judges rose together to give a standing ovation.

The online video of Jennifer’s audition went viral, receiving over 2.6M views. Online viewers were similarly stunned by Jennifer’s voice, especially considering her young age. One viewer commented, “This little 13-year-old girl has some seriously powerful singing pipes! Celine would be proud of her.” Others complimented her mature stage presence, too. Having made an impact on all who heard her sing, Jennifer went through to the next round of Talang.

Jennifer paid tribute to Celine Dion once again during her time on the show, this time covering the classic song ‘I Surrender’. She once again proved her powerful vocals, and this time, she was met with a powerful stage show to match. With Jennifer’s voice and stage presence supported by a full light show and pyrotechnics, her performance of the song was as breathtaking to watch as it was to listen to. The judges burst into applause during the performance as she impressed them all over again.

Overall, Jennifer was the runner-up in Talang – an enormous achievement for a singer of only thirteen years of age. Since her time on the show, she has performed at Sweden’s UNICEF Gala. She has also continued to post videos of her singing on her personal YouTube channel, showcasing more Celine Dion covers, as well as covering artists such as Adele and Queen. As someone with such a unique and powerful voice at such a young age, it’s not hard to picture the bright future lying ahead for Jennifer Aoun and her vocal talents.

If you’re impressed by the incredibly talented Jennifer Aoun, you can hear more of her sensational vocals by subscribing to her YouTube channel. You can also follow her journey on Facebook and Instagram.

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