Jared Young Delivers Powerful Duet With Disney Singer Lea Salonga

It’s not every day that people get to perform with their idols. For many, it’s but a dream and one that rarely comes to light. Nowadays, however, it’s easier than ever to connect with those we look up to, and the chances of idol interactions are higher than ever thanks to the power of social media. For Jared Young, this was about to happen.

Enter Jared Young, an accomplished American singer-songwriter who has been developing his love for the arts since his early childhood. From his humble beginnings singing and dancing with his siblings, he has now achieved one of his dreams: performing “A Whole New World ” with the accomplished Broadway and Disney legend Lea Salonga, who played Jasmine in Aladdin. The video of this unexpected duet has become a YouTube sensation, and you can view it below:

At first, it seems like Jared Young is like any other member of the audience; a bag of nerves and full of anxious laughter, but warm enough to make the audience feel comfortable enough to laugh along with him. Rather unexpectedly, Young then immediately transforms into a vocal powerhouse, offering delicate and touching melodies alongside his naturally bellowing voice.

The moment Lea Salonga enters the duet, Jared Young seems to turn into that young boy yet again, with a beaming smile on his face and disbelief that he’s performing with one of the greatest Broadway vocalists the world has seen. Not only is this interaction adorable, but the pair harmonise beautifully, with Salonga hitting all her notes in pitch-perfect tandem with Young. It’s a treat for the audience, and no wonder that it has become a worldwide online sensation.

After the performance, Young bows and blows a kiss to his idol, who then goes on to praise him. “I’ve been singing “A Whole New World” and calling out to somebody from the audience for the last six or so years.. It’s wonderful when the guy who does come up here is actually really good, so thank you”, she says. This kind of praise is incredibly rare from legendary musicians, so no doubt Jared Young felt immense pride after this moment!

Not only is Jared Young known for this incredible moment between himself and a Disney legend, but he has already had an accomplished professional career as a Broadway entertainer and singer. At the impressive young age of 16, he toured Europe as the lead singer of the teen pop group T-MINUS-FRIDAY, and he is also the songwriter and lead singer of the rock band L.O.U.D.

Lea Salonga is no small name in the world of Broadway show business. Despite likely being best known for her singing performances in Disney films (as Mulan and Jasmine in Mulan and Aladdin respectively), she is also known as the “Pride Of The Philippines” due to her extensive roles in musical theatre. Her first solo release, Small Voice in 1981, turned into a lifetime career in the arts, which has gained her a legendary status the world over. If you would like to see more from Jared Young, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow him on Instagram.

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