Irish Wedding Ceremony Features Surprise Performance Of “Stand By Me” Planned In Secret By Family Members

Weddings are a time for everybody from, typically, both sides of the newly-formed family to come together as one and celebrate the matrimony of two loving individuals for the rest of their lives. Some weddings are discreet, others loud and wild; this particular Irish wedding, however, is incredibly sweet.

Rachel and Shane McNally were accompanied by their entire family in St. Joseph’s Church, Carrickmacross, for their wedding ceremony. Unbeknownst to them, friend Hannah O’Brien had been secretly organizing and training members of both families to perform a heartwarming cover of “Stand By Me” in secret at the wedding. Watch the incredible video below:

Initially, the crowd seems like any other wedding crowd, with everybody dressed nicely and patiently awaiting the service to begin. When one member stands and begins to sing, others are left wondering what is happening. As each line of the song is sung, another family member stands and joins in on the performance, until eventually, a large selection is bellowing this iconic love classic in harmony, reducing the room to tears.

Family surprises are an incredible occurrence at weddings. On such a special day, seeing that family went to extra effort to make it an even more memorable occasion is an act of kindness and love that will last a lifetime, and it’s a heartwarming pleasure to watch. During a wedding at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel, the bride’s immediate family surprised her with a choreographed routine to the bride’s favorite songs, which was an electric and joyful performance:

Needless to say, the entire crowd at the McNally wedding was in tears after their beautiful performance, which even included the bride’s father who kept the secret until the big reveal on the day. Their ceremony was already going to be an incredible experience, but with the additional support and secret entertainment from the family, it was sure to be a topic of conversation for years to come.

We wish the McNally family all the best for their future, and hope they know that they have set a standard for wedding surprises from this point on!

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