İpek Nisa Göker A Piano Prodigy From Turkey

İpek Nisa Göker is a Turkish pianist who is completely blind and plays everything by ear. She produces her own compositions and is taking the internet by storm with her covers and original performances. Her musical progress is impressive considering she is just 7 years old.

The piano prodigy is making a name for herself around a local town in Antalya’s Kaş district – a seaside town in Turkey. İpek began uploading videos to her YouTube channel in September last year. She is quickly racking up views across all of her videos. Her largest following is on Instagram where she has very quickly gained 73k followers for her wonderful performances.

She is receiving high accolades from well known musicians in her home country. Emre Yücelen a famous vocal coach said that İpek is pitch perfect. Being blind she is unable to read sheet music, so this ability to recognise notes perfectly from their sound makes her a very special talent.

She is one of three triplet siters Nilay, İnci and herself, İpek. Her father, Muhsin Göker, said they used to live in Eskişehir before moving to Antalya’s Kaş district just after the triplets were born. Since then they have nurtured the talents of their musical prodigy. Muhsin Göker also says that his little daughter İnci is as talented in music as İpek.

Ipek has created original compositions which she named ‘Walk of the Caterpillar’, ‘Mrs. Krampip’, ‘Mr. Loran’, and ‘Planet World’. The first video on this page was uploaded in February 2022 and captioned “Bay Loran”. İpek is only 7 years old in these videos, showing incredible skill beyond her years. Her Instagram account is currently under her mother’s control.

If you want to see more from İpek Nisa Göker you can subscribe to her YouTube channel or follow her on Instagram.

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