Homeless Man “Know Cash” Shows Golden Voice On John Legend’s “All Of Me”

A homeless American man amazed shoppers with his golden voice when he delivered an amazing rendition of John Legend’s “All Of Me” on the street corner. The singer, who goes by Know Cash, donned a board saying “Will sang 4 food” and was hitting up passersby. Eventually, he chatted up an attractive young lady who put some money on the line. She liked his banter but clearly wasn’t expecting what was coming.

When Know Cash started on the verse of Legend’s R&B hit, her demeanor changed and she was clearly entranced as he started delivering a powerful and soulful cover. He performed the song with sincerity and hit the notes beautifully and even got the crowd worked up as he sang the romantic lines while rizzing up the young lady. You can see the performance below.

By the time Know Cash hit the big chorus, a huge crowd had drawn up and were watching him as he clearly had a huge talent for singing and performing. He cheekily took the money from the lady as he sang through the chorus, and she was happy to hand it over as she clearly got her money’s worth from the singer, who sang almost half the song for a bit of change.

Afterwards Know Cash hugged the woman and her friend, and the latter also gave money to the singer. He then told the cameraman “I got three bags of Doritos and $4 just now from those girls down there.” The cameraman then asked about his earnings from the day, to which the singer said “about $204 and I’ve been out here about 20 minutes”. The cameraman then jested that he was making so much he could “buy a house”. You can hear the studio recording of Legend’s “All of Me” in the video below.

Anyone who has ever tried it knows that singing acapella in front of an audience, like Know Cash did, is incredibly daunting and challenging. This fact didn’t escape fans who listened to the video on YouTube, where it gained 32 million views. Commenters stated that “This man is homeless, has no autotune, and still sings better than the best singers! He doesn’t even have any background music!” and “Got to admit he sounds just like the original singer.”

There’s also a happy ending to the story, as Know Cash has now turned his life around and is no longer homeless. He appears in subsequent videos by the uploader of the original clip, which state that he is off the streets and you can see he’s now doing much better for himself. Know Cash, who is from Florence, South Carolina, has since begun posting his music on streaming services following the interest that brewed up from his viral clip singing “All Of Me”. He can be seen on his Instagram working on music in the studio and you can also catch his music on SoundCloud. If you would like to see more from Know Cash, you can subscribe to their Instagram.

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