Harryan Yoonsoan Bring Sublime Vocals To Their Cover Of At My Worst

In South Korea, Harryan Yoonsoan are known as “the singers who were chosen by IU.” Well, who is IU, you may ask? IU is the stage name of Lee Ji-eun, a singer, songwriter and actress. Billboard named IU the all-time leader of its K-pop Hot 100 in 2014. In 2019, her single Good Day was number one on the 100 Greatest K-Pop Songs of the 2010s list by Billboard. In short, she is a big deal in K-pop.

Harryan Yoonsoan are siblings Hyeong Joo Ahn (Harryan) and So Yoon Ahn (Yoonsoan). Harryan first posted covers to YouTube in October 2017. In April 2019, he started posting duets with his sister. They now have 785K YouTube subscribers and their most popular cover has 8.3M views. Here is Harryan Yoonsoan with their beguiling cover of American R&B singer and songwriter Pink Sweat$’s At My Worst.

I love the percussive beat Harryan elicits from his guitar. Then Yoonsoan starts singing and you are in acoustic-pop wonderland. Harryan’s singing is fine, but he really shines when he harmonises with his sister. Ianmasuku3277 begs to differ, commenting, “When he comes in on that ‘don’t you worry’ part, I felt shivers in my body.” Dadacayangeljojie8243 points out that Harryann’s voice sounds similar to Pink Sweats voice while Quyvu4538 states, “Great cover. The female’s voice is phenomenal.”

Yunyeilin808 comments: “Falling in love with her voice immediately, the whisper coming out from her voice is something unbelievably soothing and warm, thank you both; supporting and loving from Taiwan.” At this point, the obvious thing to do is listen to another song by Harryan Yoonsoan. Here they are with their 2 February 2021 cover of IU’s Celebrity. This is the performance that led to their “chosen by IU” reputation.

When Harryan Yoonsoan uploaded Celebrity to YouTube, Yoonsoan added the comment, as translated by AllKpop: “IU, I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I love you, and I cherish you more and more.” On 10 February 2021, IU responded by posting a clip of the video on her Instagram. She commented, “I love it, I really like this part, I hope the two of your siblings’ love for each lasts forever.” After IU’s post, interest in Harryan Yoonsoan’s YouTube channel showed a marked increase. Their cover of Celebrity has 3.8M views.

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