Backflipping Through Skipping Ropes?! Haribow’s BGT Audition Leaves Audience ROARING For Golden Buzzer

Throughout its seventeen seasons, Britain’s Got Talent has played host to countless groundbreaking acts that it’s almost impossible to break the mould. But the show proved no match for the Japanese dance and double-Dutch skipping troupe Haribow, who flew a shocking 20 hours to attend a life-changing audition that left viewers wondering — when will the mayhem end?!

Haribow took to the stage with a zesty energy never before seen — backflipping their way onto the stage like martial arts legends, bright with smiles and instantly winning the roaring audience on their side. After some on-stage stretching, their urban beat began, two skipping ropes were swung and, in a jaw-dropping act of talent, Haribow’s first member danced street-style between the ropes in a flawless, high-risk moment.

Another of Haribow’s five members (ages 22 to 24) joined the mayhem in a dual double-Dutch skip-off before a third backflipped through the ropes in an incredible moment that has since gained nearly 1 million views on YouTube!

This Double Dutch group became best friends at school and has been performing together for an incredible 9 years before taking to BGT 2024. Their dedication is crystal clear. Haribow’s act was ridiculously finessed and pitch-perfect to the second, no matter how lightning-fast the ropes were spun. They danced like bouncing balls without a single trip, before throwing the skipping ropes aside to end their routine like a true dance troupe.

As their electric performance drew to a close, a thunder of applause overtook the audience in a BGT first, drowning out the judges’ voices as they tried to pass over their A-star critiques. The uproar of support seemed never-ending, transforming into a tidal wave of chants for judges to press the Golden Buzzer while the BGT’s instant legends basked in the applause.

The audience’s crazed reaction was unlike anything seen before on the show. All four judges turned to witness the hysterics, only silenced by Simon Cowell’s words: “That’s as good as you’re gonna get. You know, sometimes when you watch an audition, I’m sitting here thinking, I genuinely don’t know what to say. When it’s brilliant like this, words aren’t really necessary… Sorry, my son is literally going crazy right now.”

Cue the camera’s pan to Simon’s ten-year-old son, Eric, literally jumping in his seat next to Amanda Holden’s 12-year-old daughter, Hollie, equally excited by Haribow’s ultra-unique act. To a chant of “Press the gold,” Eric and Hollie ran from their front-row seats to the judges’ panel and slammed the Golden Buzzer on behalf of the audience. Haribow gleamed in the falling confetti as two members laid on the stage like stargazers to take in the moment.

With their Golden Buzzer, Haribow made it through to the semi-finals where they performed the same routine, but blindfolded! Check out the video above!

If you loved the energetic and groundbreaking performance of Haribow, you can find more of their jaw-dropping acts on their YouTube, follow them on Instagram, or visit their official website for latest updates.

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