Australian Sensation Guy Sebastian Surprises Fan During Engagement Celebration

An Australian couple were given an unforgettable engagement as they were given a private performance by the singer-songwriter Guy Sebastien. Nathan planned to propose to his girlfriend, Steph, on a boat next to the Sydney Opera House. The couple had been in a relationship for six years, and Nathan wanted to make it as unique as possible. He contacted Australian radio station KIIS to see if they could arrange for Guy Sebastien to make it the engagement of Steph’s dreams.

Nathan revealed that Steph, a music teacher, was a huge Sebastien fan, so he knew that it would be an amazing surprise for her to have the singer on board with them. However, Nathan was also visibly nervous, perhaps worrying that it would all go wrong if she turned down his proposal. Sebastien told the cameras that he would sing a stripped-down version of his song “I Chose Good”. But, that was only if Steph accepted the proposal…

Nathan got down on one knee and asked the big question. Thankfully for Nathan and KIIS listeners, Steph said yes, and the two kissed in delight. While Steph was admiring her engagement ring, she heard a piano playing and then the familiar voice of her favourite singer, Guy Sebastien. Looking around in confusion, she caught sight of the Australian megastar as he came up the boat’s steps. Steph gasped and clutched her chest, mouthing, “What!?” in astonishment.

After taking a few moments to get over her shock, Steph was then able to enjoy the moment and dance along. Nathan popped open a bottle of champagne to celebrate the joyous occasion. During the vocal break, Sebastien added humour by commenting, “This boat is getting rocky. I like it!” He congratulated the starstruck couple before commending them on their choice of venue by saying, “There’s no more beautiful harbour to do it than this.”

Guy Sebastien found fame when he won the first Australian Idol in 2003. Born in Malaysia and raised in Australia, Sebastien cemented his success with his hit song “Battle Scars”, released in 2012. He has sold over five million singles and albums in Australia, and has dazzled audiences all over the world, including performances for Queen Elizabeth II, Oprah Winfrey and Pope Benedict XVI.

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