12-Year-Old Grace VanderWaal Proves Miracles Can Happen With Golden Buzzer AGT Audition

The 12-year-old Grace VanderWaal turned up to America’s Got Talent with a ukulele in hand and told Simon Cowell that “miracles can happen” when he asked if she thought she could win the competition. She proved that statement true, as after singing a quirky, original indie pop tune, she went home with the golden buzzer!

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Grace, who is from Suffern village in New York State, charmed the judges with her bubbly personality and when it came time to perform, she showed off her enormous talent by singing her song “I Don’t Know My Name”. She skillfully accompanied herself on the ukulele for the performance and showcased a totally unique songwriting style that is unlike anything heard on America’s Got Talent previously. The audience liked it a lot and were 110% behind the young lady, as you can see for yourself below.

Grace said the song was about herself, and judging from the lyrics, it addresses finding one’s own identity among one’s peers. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear a young songwriter address a unique topic on the show, but it wasn’t the only thing that made Grace stand out. Her voice also made a big impression on the crowd. Her vocals are both expressive and dynamic, and charmingly communicated the emotion behind the words.

Judge Howie Mandell was a huge fan, saying, “You’re original. People not knowing your name is so right and so wrong because I think the world is gonna know your name.” Mandell then declared that the world was in fact going to know her name right now and then hit the golden buzzer. Grace was overcome with emotion and shared a tearful hug with her mother onstage. You can hear Grace’s second appearance on America’s Got Talent below, where she shared another of her original songs, “Beautiful Thing”.

Cowell then made a big call, telling Grace, “You know what I predict for you – I think you are the next Taylor Swift.” Grace then revealed she couldn’t quite believe it, telling the host through tears and giggles, “I feel like I’m kind of just daydreaming and I’m getting ready to wake up.” The young singer then progressed straight through to the live show round.

Cowell then confided in his fellow judges, “I 100% think we’ve got a star. This girl is special.” Cowell knows his talent because his prediction came true and Grace eventually became the winner of season 11 of America’s Got Talent. It was quite an achievement on several fronts for the young songwriter, as she was the second child winner and the second female winner in the history of the show.

Grace went on to build an original music career after her television success and subsequently signed with Columbia Records. She enjoyed a top 10 US hit with her 2016 EP, Perfectly Imperfect, which featured the songs she performed on America’s Got Talent. The following year she hit the US top 30 with her debut studio album, Just the Beginning.

For more wonderful performances from Grace VanderWaal, you can subscribe to her YouTube Channel or follow her on Instagram. This young prodigy from New York amazed everyone on America’s Got Talent with her original indie pop song “I Don’t Know My Name,” a portrayal of finding one’s identity. With her ukulele performance and expressive vocals, Grace proved miracles really can happen.

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