Grace Holden’s Journey On The Voice UK Was An Inspirational And Emotional Message To All

Talent shows across the world are an incredible platform for performers to reach new audiences and even secure life-changing prizes in the form of record deals and monetary gifts. Typically, every great contestant has a loving family watching them from the sidelines and cheering them on, hoping that they can achieve their dreams. However, everyone has a different reason for applying to compete, and some stories hit us harder emotionally than others.

That is the focus of today’s contestant, Grace Holden, who performed on the 10th season of The Voice UK in 2021. Her journey through the competition is inspiring, and also one of great sadness as she explores the loss of her mother from cancer. From her initial Blind Audition to her final performance where she ended as a runner-up to the competition, Grace Holden inspired many to push on despite the difficulties they face in life. Watch her incredible video below:

The loss of any loved one can be enough to change people’s lives and stop them in their tracks, and the loss of a close parent can be even more traumatic for many. Despite the pain she has endured, Grace Holden managed to push on and compete in the competition in her mother’s memory, which she consistently refers to as inspiration to never give up and believe in herself just as her mother believed in her. It’s inspirational material that generated a lot of love for this incredible woman.

Grace Holden performed many classic songs throughout the competition, which demonstrated her unique and powerful singing voice to the fullest extent. One of the best performances that she gave throughout the competition was one of her last: a duet of “Rule The World” by Take That, which was accompanied by her coach on The Voice, OIly Murs. The judges truly realized her talent, however, when she covered Avril Lavigne’s “I’m With You” in the semi-finals, which you can view in the video below:

Despite all the love for her throughout the competition and the incredibly touching tributes to her mother who passed away of cancer, Grace Holden was beaten just short of winning the competition by Craig Eddie. This does distract the audience and fans, however, Grace Holden inspired people to keep pushing and chasing their dreams, while also appreciating the family and support that they have.

Following her success on The Voice UK, it seems that Grace Holden has held several concerts of her own. In December 2022, she headlined a Christmas event called Not-So-Silent Night in Brighton, UK, which featured herself alongside a plethora of other acts to get everyone in the holiday spirit. She also regularly posts covers and videos of her singing on social media, where she refers to her mother constantly as inspiration.

We hope that Grace Holden finds her peace and that she continues to do what she loves. Reaching 2nd position in an intense talent competition is no easy feat, and shows the world that she has an incredible talent that deserves to be shared. If you would like to see more from Grace Holden, you can follow her on Instagram.

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