Geneviève Côté’s SPELLBINDING Animal Impressions, From Canada’s Got Talent To BGT

Countless exceptional acts have crossed the Britain’s Got Talent stage over the years, but Geneviève Côté’s 2024 audition was as rare and enthralling as the bustling wilderness she mimicked. Unique to the core, Geneviève’s act opened with a clip of David Attenborough’s crystalline narrations, before the Montreal-based performer recreated a flawless sound of waves crashing on the coastline, made ultra-immersive through corresponding projections on the screen behind.

The BGT judges were instantly hooked by Geneviève’s hyper-realistic nature noises. The audience was held spellbound by the atmospheric silence, punctuated by spot-on monkey screeches, seagull caws, horses’ hooves, and operatic vocalizations designed to capture the plush undertones of the jungles and savannahs; placing human tones in spiritual harmony with the sounds of nature.

Judge Bruno Toniolo praised Geneviève as being “a force of nature,” Amanda Holden called it “one of the most spiritual experiences I’ve ever felt,” while Alesha Dixon called it magical, revealing to Geneviève she was “sat here in a trance, mesmerised by you.”

After Simon Cowell doubled the praise, describing Geneviève as “Absolutely, unbelievably good” and even calling it “perfection,” BGT’s head judge surprised the audience with his own voice impression, taking on David Attenborough’s trademark tones to say, “I think we’re witnessing something truly special.”

Geneviève Côté is no stranger to the stages of TV talent shows. She was a finalist on the second season of Canada’s Got Talent in 2023 after winning Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer, before appearing in the special 2024 season, America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League. She even won a Golden Buzzer while auditioning for France’s Got Talent, but so far has failed to win an entire season.

Geneviève’s previous appearances on the global Got Talent stage left many BGT viewers vexed, calling the show “fixed” as her previous success pretty much secured her domination over the British version. She was practically destined to get four out of four yes votes judging by her past appearances. But despite the backlash against this seasoned TV talent star, Geneviève’s audition ranks among the most unique acts to feature in BGT history, gaining just under 1M views in its first month on YouTube!

At 48 years old, Geneviève Côté is an established French-Canadian children’s author and illustrator with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. Her art has been featured in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, to name a few publications, alongside her self-authored “Piggy and Bunny” children’s book series.

If you were enchanted by Geneviève Côté’s unique and immersive performance on Britain’s Got Talent, you’ll definitely want to follow her journey. To keep up with her latest projects, connect with her on Facebook or Instagram. You can also learn more about this captivating performer by visiting her official website.

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