Gamal John Makes Britain’s Got Talent History As He Received Judge Bruno’s Second Golden Buzzer Of The Show

It’s not every day that you get to see entertainment show history, but Gamal John’s audition performance on Britain’s Got Talent brought exactly that. Not only did Gamal deliver a blinding audition, but he was also given the rare and powerful Golden Buzzer by none other than judge Bruno Tonioli. This is already an exclusive and major event in the show, but Gamal was Bruno’s second Golden Buzzer of BGT, making history for the series and Gamal a very happy man.

After some words of encouragement from the judges themselves, everybody was excited to see what Gamal John had to offer to the masses, and the competition. They were immediately greeted with the voice of a soulful angel as he performed the iconic James Brown hit “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World”, which knocked the judges off their feet. A voice like Gamal’s is rare indeed, and Bruno was the most impressed of all as he enthusiastically hit the Golden Buzzer in support. Watch the audition below:

From the outset, we can see that Gamal John is a dedicated and friendly man who loves his family. After mentioning that he was born in Trinidad and raised in London, he also mentions that he is auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent because his eldest son keeps asking him to compete. His son and his family gave him the encouragement and the strength to try out for the competition, and we all benefited from it! Gamal is lucky to have such a kind and supportive group around him.

James Brown was arguably one of the most influential characters in music. He is best known for playing a pivotal role in pioneering funk, and bringing it to the world-famous status it maintains today. Also known as the “Godfather of Soul”, James Brown became immortalized in the world of music, with a plethora of musicians dedicating James Brown as the influence that pushed them into the craft. One of this best-known tracks was “Get Up Offa That Thing”:

While Bruno’s offering of a Golden Buzzer sent the crowd, and Gamal’s family, into yet another frenzy of applause and support, it wasn’t supposed to be allowed. There is only supposed to be one Golden Buzzer throughout the show, and both it and its accompanying confetti have already been used. So, sadly for Gamal, he only got a sprinkle of celebratory confetti to celebrate this moment, while hosts Ant and Dec look on confused, wondering how the show will recover from this moment.

As it transpires, the judges decide to let Gamal keep his Golden Buzzer moment. They reiterate that they all would have offered it to him anyway, with Simon Cowell describing the performance as a “masterclass”. The excitement and emotion are all too much for Gamal’s son, who runs onto the stage to hug his father, making for a beautiful moment on entertainment TV.

While he may have missed out on a shower of confetti, Ant and Dec save the day with their own miniature confetti cannons, which they fire on opposite sides of Gamal and his son. If you would like to see more from Gamal John, you can visit his official website for more information.

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