Simon Cowell Almost Hits His Red Buzzer On Gabriella Laberge And Then She Does THIS

French-Canadian singer Gabriella Laberge had high hopes for her America’s Got Talent audition, although they almost came crashing down right out of the gate. After a slightly awkward opening interview, Laberge played a pleasant violin part, but it was nothing you can’t hear from any busker on Main Street. Simon Cowell hovered his hand over his red buzzer, ready to send her packing, but Laberge had an ace up her sleeve.

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She opened her mouth and a delicate, soulful vocal filled the room as she sang James Blunt’s “Goodbye My Lover”. Cowell’s hand swiftly retreated from his red buzzer and the judges quickly warmed up to the Montreal musician. Laberge leaned into the folk elements of the song, adding a little twang to the vocal and imparting her own spin on the hit. She seamlessly transitioned into a violin solo in the bridge, before intensifying the outro and receiving a standing ovation.

Laberge, who was 28 years old at the time of her audition, made an inspired choice with “Goodbye My Lover”. The song allowed her to show off both her vocal and instrumental talent, as well as display her ability to make an emotional connection through her sincere approach to the song. All four judges hit their buzzers, sending a thrilled Laberge through to the next round.

Judge Howie Mandell said, “Wow, I love this” as Laberge played the bridge solo, and fans online were very impressed as well, adding comments such as “She’s amazing, plays the violin like a master, sings like an angel, is beautiful to the eye… she’s the entire package”. Laberge has hit the big stage before, as she did a smash hit blind audition on Coldplay’s “The Scientist” on The Voice France in 2016, which subsequently became the fourth most popular audition on the show’s YouTube channel.

Laberge gave some insight on her journey to America’s Got Talent before hitting the stage, saying, “Growing up I was watching America’s Got Talent every week, so never in my life would I expect to be here. This is the opportunity of my life to chase my biggest dream, which is doing music for the rest of my life.”

Later onstage, Laberge told the judges, “I think the American dream could come true and I’ve been dreaming of that moment since I can remember.” She certainly got her dream audition, with a clean sweep of yes votes from the judges. However, she was unable to progress further in the competition as the judges cut her during the deliberations to select the top 36 contestants.

Laberge had better luck on her appearance on The Voice France, where she made it to the quarter-finals in the fifth season. She also made it to the semi-finals on Destination Eurovision 2019, which is the contest to choose the French entry to the Eurovision Song Contest, where she competed with her song “On cherche encore (Never Get Enough)”.

For more of Gabriella Laberge’s stunning performances, make sure to subscribe and follow her on her YouTube Channel and Instagram. The French-Canadian singer is an accomplished musician, not only in her vocal talent but also with her violin skills. With her delicate and soulful spin on James Blunt’s “Goodbye My Lover”, she’s sure to leave you in awe. Don’t miss out on her future performances!

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