This Little Girl Singing Her Heart Out In Her School Nativity Play Will Never Get Old

Hilarious Girl Sings Her Heart Out

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It’s the festive season. You’re a young girl about to perform in your school nativity. Before you hit the stage, you’re told “Sing up so Mummy can hear you at the back”. Not one to disobey, you do exactly as you’re told…

As we enter the season of yuletide cheers, what better way to kick things off than this Christmas classic featuring a nativity, a little girl, and a voice so loud it could be heard within a ten-mile radius. Back in 1996, a young Ellie Sergeant stole the spotlight from the rest of her nativity cast with a riotous take on the hymn ‘The Virgin Mary Had A Baby Boy’ – her enthusiasm making up for the few words that she remembered.

Now over 20 years old, the video posted by her sister Hannah still tugs at the heartstrings of the public – with many claiming to watch it as part of their yearly traditions.

Ellie, of Stratford Upon Avon, told Femail: “Mum was really the instigator of the whole disaster that was my nativity play, as she sat right at the back and asked for me to sing as loudly as possible.”

“The ever obedient (and slightly oblivious) daughter, I complied with her request and sang my heart out.”

A source of joy for YouTubers, one commenter exclaimed to Hannah “I love this video so much. Your little sister had no idea how many people her singing would cheer up for years to come.”

The video, which has over 4 million views across multiple platforms, has become a seasonal staple, showcasing Ellie giving the Three Tenors a run for their money in the volume department.

“I was also completely oblivious to the fact that I was singing over everyone else and that all the parents in the church were passing round tissues as they were crying with laughter.”

Since the clip debuted on the video-sharing site, it’s also been featured on BBC Radio 4 program ‘Today’ along with Ellie, reflecting on her star-making performance.

Now a law graduate working for Wiggin LLP – Ellie, who once described the clip as “three minutes of embarrassment” told The Daily Mail that she “is no longer embarrassed” and hopes the clip brings festive cheer.

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