Funky Geezer TikTok Star From Charlotte North Carolina

Meet The Funky Geezer From The USA

Funky Geezer is the stage name for American musician and TikTok personality Woody Williams. Throughout 2020 Woody joined the video hosting platform and went viral with his very first upload.

At 72 years old, the partly retired musician wanted to pursue playing music and connecting with others through the internet. He downloaded the TikTok app and opened his account called @TheFunkyGeezerShow. Watch one of his brilliant original songs in the video below.

Woody says he isn’t chasing fame or money even with his latest success on social media. He wants to use his ever growing platform to “make people happy” through his music and funny skits.

None of the music is new to the Funky Geezer though. He has been playing music for over 50 years and has written over 700 songs in that time. He plays local gigs with his motto being, “inspire until you expire”. “I am just encouraging the newbies to come up, grab their guitar, and get involved, express yourself”

The first video he uploaded to TikTok has nearly hit 10 million views. Since then the Funky Geezer has managed to grow an audience of over 3 million followers. He says he has received messages from people all over the world asking him to come and play a show near them. After being asked to play in Micronesia he said, “I don’t even know where Micronesia is.”

He plays mostly guitar, keyboard and sings, adding that his favourite musical genres are, “I love blues, folk, funk, rock, alternative, electronic, and a few with no names”.

As he continues to create content and inspire, his social presence keeps growing. If you want to see more from this awesome musician from Charlotte North Carolina follow him on TikTok or on Facebook.

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