French Magician Enzo Weyne Performs Jaw-Dropping Illusion On Britain’s Got Talent

Check out one of the most amazing magic acts you will ever see from a recent episode of Britain’s Got Talent. The audience, the judges and Ant & Dec were all absolutely gobsmacked and could not figure out how magician Enzo Weyne completed the extraordinary feat.

Magicians have always been a source of fascination as they perform acts that seem absolutely impossible. Part of the fun is figuring out how it may have been done, although performers like the Masked Magician have explained some of magic’s most famous tricks. In this case, though, Enzo abandons the maxim that a magician never reveals his secrets.

He strolls on stage to face the judges and when asked what he wants from his performance he responds, “I really want to disturb your mind.” He then proceeds to deliver it in spades! The trick is a simple one, first, he sits on a large chair set on a platform. Then two helpers cover him with a cloth and guide his hands through two holes. Enzo chats to the audience, moving his hands to show he’s still there. After a moment, the helpers return and remove the cloth. Yes, you guessed it, he’s gone!

To the disbelief of everyone watching the spotlight falls on him sitting at the side of the stage. That’s when he asks the audience if they want him to show how them he did it. The camera cuts to host Ant McPartlin who says, “Yes please!” So Enzo begins again, this time dressed in white overalls. The trick is repeated but as the helpers approach to remove the cloth we see him slip out behind the chair and run to the back of the stage.

It’s great to see how the illusion is done but amazingly he has another surprise in store! We won’t spoil it, you’ll have to watch the video to see. Naturally, he got unanimous yeses and was put through to the next round. The whole nation waits with bated breath to see what this talented French illusionist will do in the coming rounds. Watch this space!

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