Watch The Moment A Man Catches His Partner Off Guard With Airport Flash Mob Proposal

There are few things in life that are more beautiful than a wedding, but one of the most difficult (positive) moments in someone’s life is working out how to pop the question. There are so many points to consider to make it the perfect proposal; from the location, the timing, and how the proposal is going to come out.

One man, Jacob, however, decided to push the boat out during his marriage proposal. Unbeknownst to his partner, Eliane, at Beirut Airport and waiting for Jacob’s parents for a visit, Jacob had a flash mob planned and waiting for them in a heart-meltingly romantic gesture. It went even better than planned, which you can see in the video below:

To begin with, the video looks like any other day at an airport; families eagerly awaiting to see their loved ones arrive, in between people rushing to their next flight, or simply eager to get home. Eliane can be seen meeting with Jacob’s family, and to her, it’s business as usual, and nothing is out of the ordinary.

All of a sudden, the crowd begins to disperse and several dancers begin a routine in tune with Bruno Mars’ iconic love-dance song “Marry You”. At this moment in time, Eliane can be seen simply enjoying the performance. Airport performances aren’t rare, so Jacob’s secret is still entirely intact.

After a dazzling performance which gradually grows in both dancers and expressive, positive intensity, the crowd begins to cheer more as Jacob can be seen walking through the performance towards Eliane. She had no idea that Jacob would be there to meet her, let alone what was about to happen. While the dancers are still performing, the couple meet in the middle of the makeshift stage and begin to dance together.

It’s only when Jacob stops moving that Eliane truly figures out what is happening. In disbelief, she hides her head from the camera for a moment before processing what just occurred, and after saying Yes, the crowd begins to cheer and applaud the newly-engaged couple. In a time where the world can seem dark and scary, moments like these are even more important for the world to see and share together.

Flash mob proposals take a lot of work, and involve a lot of carefully planned, fun secrecy in preparing the most special day for a significant other. Some people go to huge lengths in preparing this special day for their partners, and it has the potential to create memories that last a lifetime.

Another beautiful flash mob proposal of recent years was that planned by Craig Jones, who organized a marching band to perform at Bryant Park for his partner, Allison, while planned in complete secrecy. Alongside the band’s performance of “My Girl”, Craig had family waiting to spill into the park and dance before he popped the question. With a proposal as special as that, it’s no wonder she said yes; but not before bursting into tears of joy and looking around in disbelief!

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