Joyful Flakefleet Primary School Choir Are Golden

If there is one thing that Britain’s Got Talent is good at, it’s pulling on our heartstrings. And there are few acts that have done this quite so well as the Lancashire based Flakefleet Primary School choir.

Led by headteacher Dave McPartlin, the choir filed onto the stage dressed in extravagant costumes that could only mean that the judges were in for a treat. One of the choir members, Megan, aged 7, explained that they had come on Britain’s Got Talent because ‘I love singing!’ whilst Mr. McPartlin quipped, ‘Some are great singers, others are just enthusiastic.’

The performance of the iconic ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen that followed was nothing short of chaotic. With brightly coloured costumes, props and giant masks of the judges’ faces, it’s no surprise that the judges and the audience were quick to jump to their feet. It was a show stopping performance for sure, with Alesha Dixon exclaiming ‘that was an absolute chaos and a joy to watch!’ and Simon Cowell commenting ‘This to me is what Britain’s Got Talent is all about.’

It was judge David Walliams who was the most moved by the performance. Reduced to tears he said, ‘You’re just one of the most joyous things I’ve ever seen!’ So it was perhaps no shock that Flakefleet Primary School were his Golden Buzzer act! With the Golden Buzzer, Flakefleet went straight through to the live Semi-Finals where they were back with yet another chaotic performance. This time they wowed the judges and the audience with a rendition of ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ by Bonnie Tyler.

Once again, the children wore a variety of different costumes and even Mr. McPartlin got in on the action! He began the performance wearing a dress before changing into a superhero outfit. The judges and the audiences were won over once again with Amanda Holden gushing ‘you just bring so much happiness to us four, and the nation at large!’ whilst Simon said ‘I think you have a chance of winning the whole show.’

Unsurprisingly, Flakefleet advanced onto the Final where they performed ‘Rule the World’ by Take That in the characteristically chaotic nature you can’t help but love. The performance began with one child descending from the ceiling dressed as a star whilst Mr. Mcpartlin was dressed as the moon. Judge David Walliams had nothing but love for his Golden Buzzer act, saying ‘you’ve just reminded us all why the nation fell in love with you the first time around.’ Overall, they finished sixth in the competition.

To this day, Mr. Mcpartlin is still headteacher of Flakefleet Primary School! When the country was in lockdown due to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, he continued to do his bit for students all over the country when he partnered with the BBC for a virtual home schooling programme. During this, he delivered reading sessions as well as bitesize geography and history lessons. And he is no doubt still bringing joy to the next generation! If you would like to see more from Flakefleet Primary School Choir, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow them on Facebook.

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