Femme Fatale Win Indonesia Got Talent 2023 With A Unique Blend Of Dancing And Magic

How many Got Talent franchises do you think there are around the world? According to Wikipedia, the format has been tried in 73 countries. Production has ended in 25 of these countries, while the production status in 15 countries is unknown. That means that there are still a lot of Got Talent shows around the world. With this in mind, it is not surprising that Guinness World Records named the franchise the world’s most successful reality TV format ever in April 2014.

Many of this year’s Got Talent shows are ongoing. One of the shows that recently finished is Indonesia Got Talent. There, the competition, which aired its Grand Finale on 14 August 2013, was won by Femme Fatale, an act which, unusually, combined dance and magic. Femme Fatale consists of Alisa, Gaby and Michele Malvina. Let’s have a look at their Indonesia Got Talent journey, from their audition until they were announced as the winners after the public vote.

All three members are from Jakarta and they share both individual and group dance videos on social media, mostly Instagram. Commenting on their initial audition, judge Rossa said, “I’ve never seen a combination of a magician and a dance where you are really dancers too. It’s not just like moving your body and then dancing along, but you guys are really good at dancing. Do you think I can learn for concerts or not?” For the final, Femme Fatale pulled off an illusion involving a dramatic escape.

After they were announced winners, Femme Fatale said, “Not everyone can know how hard our struggle was.” Given that they won the public vote, there is a lot of support for Femme Fatale in the YouTube comments. Lydia Allen wrote “They were AWESOME! They gave me chills. I loved the magic and dancing.” Some IGT fans were less impressed, in some cases no doubt because their personal favourites did not make the cut. Teukurian wrote, “Gita Handayani is still the best.” Let’s look at Gita Handayani:

As you’ve seen, Gita Handayani is a marching band and they put on a great spectacle. In the end it came down to the public vote, and the public chose Femme Fatale. Well done Femme Fatale. If you would like to see more from Femme Fatale, you can follow them on Instagram.

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