Father Shocks Wedding Party With Self-Written Song For Father-Daughter Dance

At a small family function after his daughter’s wedding, Robert David shocked his family with a declaration of love that he had kept a complete secret for months. During his speech, just before they shared a father-daughter dance, Robert admitted that he did not spend much time looking for a song to pick to dance to; instead, he wrote one of his very own! This was naturally met with a mass of ‘awws’ from the crowd, who were taken aback by this beautiful gesture.

In a heartwarming display of affection between father and daughter, Robert David shows just how much his family means to him, and the lengths he will go to make his daughter’s day that little bit more special. What’s even better is that Robert has quite the voice on him! Have some tissues at the ready, as this video is rather emotional! Watch it below:

As if the song itself were not emotional enough, Robert David included a montage of pictures of him and his daughter through different moments in their lives. From baby photos and memories of her childhood to pictures of her wedding day, each moment was filled with a smile and spark that only helped to make the song Robert wrote even more special. We would all be very lucky to have a father like him!

Parents can be rather sneaky at their children’s weddings! They know more than they seem to, and some of them have some adorable tricks up their sleeve, organizing special events that take everyone by surprise! For example, one brother – a Marine – surprised his sister, who was getting married that day, by showing up at her wedding. It’s the kind of event that makes a special day simply unforgettable and shows us all just how important family is. Watch below:

These kinds of videos give us a warm feeling in our hearts that can only be described as pure love. A wedding day may not always go exactly as planned, but one thing is certain: you can always count on someone to bring a little extra light and excitement into the mix!

We wish this happy couple, and all of their family, a very happy life together.

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