Engelbert Humperdinck Classic “A Man Without Love” Gets Latin Workover With Angélica María Duet

Engelbert Humperdinck’s signature song “A Man Without Love” got a grooving Latin makeover thanks to his recent duet with Angélica María. The English crooner teamed up with Mexico’s Sweetheart to give the classic song a new lease on life with a duet they recorded for his 2023 album All About Love. The duo showed off plenty of chemistry on a performance video for the song on YouTube. The video also proved to be quite popular on Humperdinck’s channel, attracting 5.6 million views.

Judging by the amount of Spanish language comments below the video, María’s appearance on the track was a big draw for fans. Humperdinck and María were 86 and 78 at the time of the recording, and the Englishman sings in English on the ballad, while María sings in Spanish. The two stars kind of give off the vibe of an old married couple, very much still in love, singing a romantic tune for each other at karaoke.

Fans were mighty impressed with what Humperdinck and María cooked up, and added comments such as “I was very touched to see them singing together, especially Engelbert who, after all the years, still maintains his beautiful voice!” and “I never imagined that one day they would sing together. What a thrill and what a joy to have the privilege of listening to them.”

Humperdinck’s recording of “A Man Without Love” re-entered the public consciousness in a big way in 2022, when the ballad was featured in the first episode of the Marvel Disney+ series Moon Knight. This resurgence of interest in the song no doubt played a role in his decision to re-record “A Man Without Love” as a duet with María the following year. You can hear Humperdinck perform a fantastic version of the ballad in a television appearance from 1968 below.

Humperdinck spoke to Billboard about the inclusion of “A Man Without Love” on Moon Knight, calling it a “Massive, massive surprise.” He added that “To think that all these years later it would come back into my life and cause a big stir, it’s amazing. You create a new audience with this Marvel show.”

“A Man Without Love” was a number two UK hit for Humperdinck in 1968, and it also went to number one in Ireland, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Following its inclusion on Moon Knight, the song returned to the charts in 2022, hitting number one on Billboard’s Top TV Songs chart.

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