15 Year Old Emma Kok Sings EMOTIONAL French Hit “Voilà” With Helene Fischer

Helene Fischer & child star Emma Kok’s live rendition of the French-language song “Voilà” was a high-class marvel of orchestral wonders, vintage allure, and spellbinding talent. This duo is bound to leave you covered in goosebumps as two impeccable voices contrast and harmonize mesmerizingly, made even more enthralling by the fact that Emma was only 15 years old during this 2023 performance!

This incredible duet took place on Helene Fischer’s German-language TV phenomenon, The Helene Fischer Show, which has been featuring guest duets since launching in 2011. Their rendition of “Voilà” makes the song sound like a time-defying classic. But in actuality, this track was only released back in 2020, crafted by French singer-songwriter Barbara Pravi as a single which would go on to represent France in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest.

That same year, Dutch singer Emma Kok kicked off her own ascent to stardom after winning the tenth season of The Voice Kids (NL). But it was her 52M-view viral video of her performing Barbara Pravi’s “Voilà” in Maastricht, 2023, that introduced her name to the world.

In this video, esteemed conductor André Rieu introduces Emma as an aspiring singer battling a rare, debilitating disease: gastroparesis (paralysis of the stomach) which leaves her unable to eat and dependent on tube-feeding. Yet her voice is strangely profound with a flawless professionalism decades beyond her years, moving grown men in her audience to tears and standing ovations.

Helene Fischer, meanwhile, has been called “the richest singer you’ve never heard of”. Her family emigrated from the Soviet Union to West Germany when Helene was three years old. Her debut album “Von hier bis unendlich” dropped in 2006, followed by another eight studio records (the last five of which have hit #1 on Germany’s album charts). Her career is star-studded with countless duets including a cover of “Santa Baby” with Robbie Williams and “Sexbomb” with Sir Tom Jones.

The mother-daughter energy between 15-year-old Emma and 39-year-old Helena is truly magical as they take on this operatic song together. Helena has found her place moulding her dynamic voice to the versatile nature of each duet partner whilst being a dance-pop icon on her solo records. But despite a career surrounded by the presence of stars, Helena still fights back tears in awe as Emma sings.

This emotional performance has already amassed over 5.6M YouTube views in a handful of months. And with over 1.5M Instagram followers, Emma is definitely a future legend worth keeping your eye on.

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