2-Year-Old Emma Debuts In Adorable Collingsworth Family Live Gospel Show

The Collingsworth Family is an act with loads of talent, but little two-year-old Emma Collingsworth absolutely stole the show when she made her stage debut on their live cut of “Show a Little Bit of Love and Kindness”. The Southern gospel group is made up of family members and the seven-piece vocal line showed off their remarkable skills on the classic song.

Founder Phil Collingsworth introduced the song with a bit of banter, assuring the audience that wee Emma had clocked in her timesheet and was ready to get down to the family business. While this was going on Emma was busy wandering around the stage and dropping her mic then picking it up again, and her antics got a guffaw from Phil as he was trying to introduce the song. Check out the performance below, which has gained three million views on the Collingsworth Family YouTube channel.

Phil explained that “every night for the last five years The Collingsworth Family have sung this old classic that John W. Peterson wrote 45 years ago. But it brings new life when you’ve got a two-year-old singing with you. This is exciting.” Emma certainly looked excited as she got stuck into the song, showing off an angelic smile and bopping along to the beat as her family sang.

Emma’s mic was not plugged in, but no one seemed to mind as the crowd clapped along to the old time gospel classic. The group features two male and five female vocalists, and the ladies took turns to deliver the lead vocals as the band pumped out a rollicking country tune. “Show A Little Bit Of Love and Kindness” is the group’s most popular song on YouTube, although their live take of “At Calvary” is not far behind with 2.9 million views. You can hear the latter song below.

Fans online had plenty of praise for The Collingsworth Family’s performance, adding comments such as “Wow! What an uplifting song! The true happiness is seen on the faces of all the singers and the little girl is on another level altogether. Thanks for spreading love” and “So beautiful. Thank you for your music and that super cute bonus. God bless you all.”

The Collingsworth Family hails from Mount Orab village in Ohio, and they have been making a name for themselves in Christian music since the turn of the century. Founding couple Phil and Kim Collingsworth initially performed as a duo for 14 years, but in the year 2000 they roped their four children into the act and began touring full time.

In the years since The Collingsworth Family have extensively toured their homeland as well as touring internationally in the Cayman Islands and performing for 6,500 US Army troops across two Christmas concerts in Kosovo. The family has released a number of studio albums with Gaither Music Group, who distributes their music via Universal Music Group/Capital Christian. If you would like to see more from The Collingsworth Family, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow them on Facebook.

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