Ema Stoian Dance Prodigy With Impressive Choreography

Born in June 2008, Gemini Ema Stoian is a ballet, modern and contemporary dancer from Romania. Growing up in Bucharest, the Capital of Romania, Stoian has been dancing from the age of three and at just six years old, entered and won the gold medal for Rhythmic Gymnastics at the Romania World cup. This marked the beginning of her now flourishing dancing career.

In 2019, at aged 10, Stoian entered ‘Romania’s Got Talent’, a televised talent show and Romania’s version of the internationally known ‘Got Talent’ franchise. It was her audition that blew the world away as she performed a mesmerising, fluid and flawless dance routine to the soundtrack of Sia’s ‘Unstoppable’.

Stoian’s energy and commitment was presently obvious throughout the entirety of the two-and-a-half-minute performance, not just in her dancing but also in her ever-changing exaggerated facial expressions. Like the people at home, the judges were evidently impressed with the talent of such a young performer, and Stoian received a golden buzzer that catapulted her into the live shows. Stoian went on to be a finalist in the competition, and the video of her audition lives online with over 1.3M views on YouTube.

In the same year of Romania’s Got Talent, Stoian competed in the Dance World Cup which took place in Barcelona, winning first place. Following her success on the show, Stoian was taken on by a number of dance schools and on her social media shares news of her scholarships to Basel Ballet Academy, Annarella Sanchez and the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Stoian is also a frequent attendee of the Dance Planet Dance Academy’s summer camp.

Stoian continues to go from strength to strength in her career and is a consistent contender in competitions. Most recently, Stoian competed in the ‘Dance Campus & Contest’ competition in which she received the special prize award for best dancer alongside a first place in multiple junior professional categories including solo classical ballet, solo modern and the solo open.

Prizes included various scholarships to dance programs across Europe of which are sure to aid Stoian’s continuous and exciting growth in the industry. If you want to see more from this talented dancer follow her Instagram account or Facebook page to keep up-to-date with the latest from this dance prodigy!

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