20-Month-Old Baby Girl Sings Elvis In The Car With “Daddy”

20 Month Old Elvis Fan

Some musicians go beyond selling millions of records or writing amazing songs. They become a legend, an intricately woven part of our culture forevermore. Sadly, many of these legends left us far too soon: John Lennon, Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury all spring to mind. The natural addition to this list is The King himself, Elvis Presley.

Decades after his death he still has a huge fanbase, and on any given day, his songs are still played on radio stations around the world. Possibly the youngest and cutest member of this fanbase is 20-month-old Ella Mae. Despite the fact that she isn’t even two yet, she already knows all the words to Elvis’ performance of American Trilogy.

In an adorable video uploaded to YouTube, we see Ella Mae strapped into her car seat on a drive with Dad. We see Ella Mae’s reaction as Dad puts on the song and begins to sing along. The delight on her face is obvious, and she immediately joins in.

As she’s still very young, Ella Mae’s words aren’t always clear but what is clear is she knows every single word. She’s also got the soul of a performer! As well as singing along, she really gets into the song, pulling fabulous expressions that bring the performance to life. Her joy and lack of inhibition are traits we all wish we could master. Here is another father and daughter sing-a-long, this time from Claire Crosby.

It’s no wonder this video has been so popular since its upload. It has been viewed 3.7 million times and received 59,000 likes on one channel alone. There are also lots of positive comments; the whole world seems to be in love with Ella Mae:

“The expressions and the way she gets into the song at rising moments is priceless. And her love for her daddy just adds to it! What a sweetheart”

If you’re worried this is a one-off, don’t be. Her proud dad reports she also loves Twist and Shout by The Beatles, Suspicious Minds by Elvis, and The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars. Hopefully, there’ll be lots more Ella Mae carpool karaokes to come!

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