Elderly Lady In Wheelchair Duets With Elvis Impersonator In Heart Melting Moment

A heartwarming video has emerged of an elderly lady who duetted with an Elvis impersonator in a supermarket. Since his death in 1977, there have been many reports of Elvis sightings across the world. The Elvis playing in a mall in Rogers, Arkansas was not the King, but he may as well have been for an old lady in a wheelchair who was doing her shopping that day.

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When the video starts, we see the impersonator dressed up superbly as Elvis in his iconic white rhinestoned outfit from his time playing in Vegas. He interacts with the crowd around him, drawing smiles and laughs from the audience. The smiles turn to tears as he spots an old lady gazing lovingly at him from her wheelchair.

He takes the lady's hand, and the pair of them sing Elvis' enduring ballad Can't Help Falling In Love With You. It's clear the performance took her back to another time in her life, and the happiness and love on her face were clear for all to see. It's one of the loveliest moments any of us are likely to witness.

This beautiful moment was captured by fellow shopper Don Luper who happened to be there to buy supplies for the Memorial Day weekend. he explains: “I had ran to Walmart to pick up a few supplies on Memorial Day when I happened to capture this heartwarming moment; it made me happy to see such a sweet gesture. It seemed like the lady was taken back in time and was singing to the King himself – it had clearly made her day.”

Don even tells us what happened after he stopped filming. At the end of the performance, Elvis kissed her cheek and tied his blue scarf around her. I'm sure this is one shopping trip that will shine in the memory of this lady forever.

As well as being wonderful for the lady in the video, this performance reminds many of us just how fabulous and loved Elvis was. I'm sure many people watching this video will be transported back to their younger selves and remember what an incredible performer he was. If this video makes anything clear, it's that Elvis' fanbase is still out there and as passionate as ever.

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