Watch The Moment Ed Sheeran Surprises Young Singer By Joining In Her Cover Of “Thinking Out Loud”

For many, the thought of meeting their idol, or even a celebrity they are a fan of, is an alien concept that brings both excitement and dread when thought about. In a Canadian mall, one fan – a young singer performing – was about to get the surprise of her life when Ed Sheeran joined her in the middle of her cover of his instant classic, “Thinking Out Loud”.

The performance itself was a fundraiser for the Edmonton Humane Society, where 13-year-old Sydney Bourbeau was covering Ed Sheeran’s modern love song to a rather large crowd. Despite being stage-rushed by a British superstar, Sydney keeps her cool and continues her cover while Sheeran harmonizes with her. Watch the incredible video below:

When most people are lucky enough to meet a famous person there’s usually an air of nervousness as they’re, understandably, starstruck. Syndey, however, after taking a second to compose and realize who she’s sharing the stage with, takes it in her stride and continues her performance with grace. Not only that, but she performs well alongside the British star; they harmonize halfway through their performance before Ed Sheeran allows Bourbeau to finish the song solo, giving her back the spotlight.

Amongst performing sell-out worldwide tours and accumulating millions of album sales all across the globe, Ed Sheeran isn’t afraid to surprise a fan or two with a nuanced performance or secret visit. Over the years, he has surprised some of his biggest supporters with pop-up performances, which has made him even more lovable. He even surprised some fans with a performance in their living room of all places, which you can see below:

At Sydney Bourbeau’s performance, Ed Sheeran caught the young performer off-guard entirely as she was halfway through his song “Thinking Out Loud”. Despite grabbing the mic at the beginning of his surprise, and performing the song almost solo, Sheeran quickly changed his singing style to suit Bourbeau’s and even lowered his voice to allow the young singer’s voice to shine through. A humble, touching way of showing his appreciation to her for supporting and spreading his music, whilst also supporting a worthy cause.

While Sheeran didn’t stay on the stage for the entire performance, nor did Bourbeau manage to speak to him afterward, the young singer still described it as the best moment of her life. Not only that, but Sheeran gave her tickets to an upcoming concert on his American and Canadian tour. This kind of generosity can inspire countless people, and Sydney Bourbeau’s life certainly changed that day.

The Edmonton Humane Society is a Canadian organization that aims to enrich the ‘lives of people and companion animals through animal sheltering, programs and services, and community engagement’. These services include animal care and sheltering, and the Society attempts to relocate animals to loving, caring homes through an adoption program. They also provide animal-related education to those who may need it, including dog behavioral courses and assistance for pet guardians.

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