Ed Sheeran & Rita Ora Singing “Your Song” Acoustic Is A Vibe

Ed Sheeran and Rita Ora playing “Your Song” acoustic is a real vibe, as they just sound so perfect together on the intimate arrangement. The video kicks off with some cheeky bloopers before the pair launch into the song, with Sheeran pumping out a funky acoustic guitar part as Ora sings the lead vocals.

Ora really sings her heart out, giving a passionate performance, and the cherry on top comes when Sheeran adds his voice to hers in the chorus. Normally we hear Sheeran singing lead, but he also knows how to sit back and just add exactly the right supporting part to take a song to the next level. The performance is one of the most popular clips on Ora’s YouTube, with 48 million views and counting.

The video ends with Sheeran declaring that they nailed it in just one take, as Ora triumphantly shouts “one take wonders!” It’s a testament to the huge talents of both singers that they were able to capture such a compelling performance in just one take.

Fans online were very impressed with the duo’s take on the song, adding comments such as “That blew me away. Rita didn’t miss a beat! Vocal perfection. And Ed is such a uniquely talented acoustic player!” and “One of the best acoustic covers I’ve heard. Rita’s voice gives me chills and those mad guitar skills from Ed.” You can check out the studio version in the video below, which showcases a totally different arrangement that takes influence from electronic music.

“Your Song” was a major success for Ora, with the single becoming the first of several double Platinum hits in the UK for the English singer. The song has continued to be a fan favourite since its release in 2017, and it’s currently her most popular cut on Spotify, with 619 million streams on the platform.

The success of the song comes as no surprise, as the writing duo responsible for the track is none other than Sheeran and songwriter Steve Mac. The track debuted as the first single for Ora’s second album Phoenix and hit the top ten in the UK. This warm reception helped drive the album to Platinum certification in her homeland.

Ora was fully aware of what a coup it was to have Sheeran and Mac write the song for her, calling the duo “some of the most talented songwriters of our time” while talking to Rolling Stone. She also revealed that her relationship with Sheeran goes back some years, saying “Ed and I have been friends since our teens. It’s brilliant to have the opportunity to collaborate with him for my first single – we definitely click creatively.”

Sheeran is a dab hand at romantic tunes and he didn’t disappoint when penning the lyrics to “Your Song”. The track captures the ecstatic feeling of a fresh romance and all the positive feelings that go hand-in-hand with a new love.

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