Superb Singer Dylan B Blows BGT Judges Away With His Superb Performance Of Listen

During Britain’s Got Talent 2023, there were some incredible auditions and some stand-out performances. A twelve-year-old boy named Dylan B was on that list and may possibly top it. His audition swept the internet, and it has been viewed almost 2.8 million times since it was uploaded.

Anyone who has watched any singing talent show knows that a successful audition hinges on two key elements. The first is demonstrating your singing talent, and the second is ensuring that you pick the right song. (See the second video). Dylan decided to go all-in with his performance, choosing a song that is iconic, but very difficult to sing well.

He chose BeyoncĂ©’s smash hit Listen from the musical Dreamgirls. BeyoncĂ©’s version seemed so definitive and her voice is so exceptional that it’s easy to believe no one else could truly do it justice. Dylan walked onto that stage and proved us all wrong. His performance was out of this world, and by the end both judges and the audience were all on their feet giving Dylan the standing ovation he so richly deserved. Although Simon said the rendition wasn’t perfect, no one else heard any flaws.

Judge Alesha Dixon said she watched the majority of the audition gobsmacked and Amanda Holden agreed, stating he had knocked it out of the park and called his performance flawless. YouTube agrees wholeheartedly too. The comments section is full of praise, and the only criticism you’ll find in there is of the judges. Many people were surprised and dismayed that Dylan did not receive the coveted Golden Buzzer. Here’s just a sample:

“They should have given him the Golden Buzzer”
“12 yrs old with that tone & control…..WOW! He’s a superstar in the making. Definitely should of gotten a golden buzzer!””He gives me chills. His voice is amazing. He deserved a golden buzzer.”

During his audition, the judges asked Dylan what he’d do with the prize money if he won. His answer was 50% childlike and 50% mature, he announced he would like to go to Disneyland and then put aside money to make albums when he’s older. Presumably, he’d be taking his sisters with him to Disneyland as he said that singing with them since he was little was what got him interested in music and performing.

Dylan’s singing is incredibly grown-up but he’s still just a child and we got to see that when all four judges voted to put him through to the next round. He began jumping up and down and was beaming. He was so excited and it was lovely to watch. We lose some of that wild excitement as we get older so it’s great to watch children and remember the times we felt like that.

Dylan is a long way from the final but many are already predicting that he will win. Whether he does or not we can look forward to more fantastic performances from him in future rounds.

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