Dwayne Johnson Is A Certified Swiftie On “Shake It Off” Lip Sync Battle Vs Jimmy Fallon

Dwayne Johnson: WWE legend, movie star, billionaire businessman, and now you can add Swiftie to that list! The Rock showed himself to have an impressive knowledge of Taylor Swift lyrics, not to mention dance moves, when he took on Jimmy Fallon in Lip Sync Battle. The Rock busted out some moves to Swift’s “Shake It Off”, while Fallon performed the grooving 1961 calypso hit “Jump in the Line”.

The Rock is best known for his martial arts moves, but it turns out he can also bust out some serious dance moves. The movie star enthusiastically mimed to “Shake It Off,” and managed to do a nice little boogie onstage as well, with some stylish footwork. Apparently, The Rock singing “My ex-man brought his new girlfriend” with some real sass is something we didn’t know we needed in our life.

Fallon brought an upbeat energy to Harry Belafonte’s “Jump in the Line”, even jumping down into the crowd to lead a conga line. Despite this, there was no doubt that the battle went 100% to The Rock. Now, it won’t come as any surprise, but Dwayne Johnson grooving to Tay Tay was a big hit online, attracting 79 million views on YouTube. This made The Rock’s battle with Fallon the most popular Lip Sync Battle ever, almost four times the views of the next most popular video on the channel.

Fans were impressed by the star’s dance moves, adding comments such as, “Imagine having Dwayne Johnson memorise every lyric of your pop song” and “Every time I hear ‘Shake It Off’ since I first saw this episode, I have Dwayne in my head dancing to the song.” It seems actors really crush the Lip Sync Battle, as Anne Hathaway’s take on Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” is the second most popular battle ever. And before you ask, yes, she did break out the sledgehammer and rode the wrecking ball in style!

The Rock began his Lip Sync Battle appearance with a memorable quip, putting Fallon in his place when the talk show host claimed not to know who “Tay Tay” is. The Rock kept the jokes coming thick and fast, saying, “Hold on a second. We got a guy like this. He’s been running his mouth all week. He’s been telling the world he’s gonna beat me. But like Tay Tay, when we hear trash talk, we just shake it off.”

You can follow the versatile and entertaining, Dwayne Johnson, on his official Facebook and Instagram channels. See more of his dance and lip-syncing abilities in addition to his successful wrestling and movie career. The Rock always brings energy and excitement to his performances, making him a fan favourite across various platforms.

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