Musician Plays Apache On A Steel Guitar Like Never Seen Before

Doug Beaumier is a well-known pedal steel guitarist who recorded a beautiful version of Acker Bilk’s composition Stranger On The Shore and Apache. If you’re not familiar with it, a steel guitar is a ten-stringed guitar played by using a steel bar to press the strings. They often look very similar to regular guitars. Pedal steel guitars, on the other hand, are played flat, almost like a piano, with a steel bar to adjust the pitch and pedals underneath, which help the player achieve chords a traditional steel guitar cannot.

Its many fans worldwide describe the music produced as a unique moaning or wailing sound that no other instrument could hope to imitate. It is woven into the fabric of country music so strongly that, at times, it is hard for it to break into another genre. That’s why it’s so interesting to hear well-known pedal steel guitarist Doug Beaumier play such a famous jazz hit.

Watching this master musician play is truly jaw-dropping as he has four necks before him. He only used two to play this piece, but it still sounds incredible. The warbling, flowing notes sound so complex that you feel sure there must be more than one instrument playing, but there isn’t. It’s a truly remarkable sound that perfectly complements the melody of this famous piece of music.

YouTube fans seem to agree as this piece has already been viewed more than 5 million times, making it one of the most popular pieces on Doug’s channel. This seems to be because of the love people have for this song, the unusual sound the pedal steel guitar makes and the mastery of Doug’s playing. Ir certainly seems to touch a place deep in the heart of anyone who hears it. As one commenter wrote: “Made my heart cry my believed wife passed 3yrs would have been 56yrs I miss her dearly every day.”

Another commenter agreed, saying:
“This brings back childhood memories when my parents were still married, loved one another and slow danced to this on their RCA stereo in the 1970s. If only we could replay time like we can a song.”

It takes an exceptional song and musician to inspire this level of emotion in their listeners. Find out what they’re talking about here. If you want to see more from this awesome musician check out his website and subscribe to his YouTube channel for more brilliant videos.

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