Disturbed’s Lead Singer Stops Concert To Make Sure Frightened Little Girl Is Ok

During a Disturbed concert lead singer, David Draiman, stopped the show after he saw a young girl in the crowd was scared. He stopped singing and spoke directly to the girl in the front row and said, “I’m very proud of you, you’re awesome. You’re welcome. Are you ok? What’s your name darling. Everyone say hello to Sophia, it’s ok baby, I didn’t mean to scare you”.

This beautiful moment got even better when David addressed the entire crowd with an emotional speech about acceptance. He explained how he loves seeing so many people from different backgrounds attending their shows.

David continues to say, “See I love, absolutely love, that Disturbed concerts have become a family affair, I love it. And this little girl has been singing her heart out the entire show, she knows so many of the songs. I saw you singing the sound of silence along with me. I love that. I have my son up there right now. It should be a family affair. What’s the worst thing a child is going to encounter? A little bit of profanity? We live in a world where there are so much more vile thing in it than profanity. There s a time and place for everything darling, you’ll come to learn that one day.

He continues, “When I look out into a sea of people, I see all kinds of people, all colours of skin, all backgrounds, it doesn’t matter what your politics are here, we don’t care, it doesn’t matter how you identify yourself, we don’t care. Everyone here, everyone that comes to a disturbed concert is accepted and loved, do you understand me. All of us came here tonight because the world is hard, life is hard and you come here to take your burdens and to set them down.”

50 year old David Draiman has been at the helm as the lead singer of this heavy metal group since 1996. The band shared the touching moment on TikTok, captioning the video with: “Everyone who comes to a Disturbed concert is welcome and accepted and loved,” and included the hashtag ‘familyaffair’.

In the comments on TikTok, a fan who was at the show provided more context to the video. They said, “I was at this concert. What happened was the little girl was singing all the lyrics and David invited her to come onstage with him and she freaked and started bawling. He immediately stopped the show and went down to talk to her.” A lovely moment of humanity from the lead singer of this fantastic group. If you want to see more from Disturbed, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel.


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