Different Speaker Types

What Types Of Speakers Are There?

The diagram shows the human hearing frequency range. The lower frequencies (bass notes) are best reproduced by subwoofers. The low, medium, and high frequencies are covered by a PA speaker. The high frequencies (high pitched sounds) are best reproduced by tweeter speakers. “I have been a travelling solo musician for many years using only two active full-range PA speakers, for pubs, small clubs, corporate and outdoor functions, they’ve done a great job on their own.” For larger venues or large outdoor performances, you may need more speakers.

Sub Woofers: Typically these speakers can be heavy and not great to travel around with, especially if you’re a solo performer. If you travel with a team who can provide help setting your equipment up, subwoofers could be a useful addition to your sets. If you play bass-heavy music such as EDM (Electronic Dance Music) you may also want to consider adding a subwoofer to your sets.

Tweeter Speakers: Usually a “Dome” or “Horn” style these speakers provide high frequencies that bring clarity to your sound. If you’re a vocalist playing acoustic guitar, adding more tweeters to your set up will make it easier for people to hear your vocals clearly. Full range PA speakers will have tweeters built-in, most of which cover high-end frequencies very well. If you’re in small to medium venues, you will likely not need any extra.

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