Daniele, Naimana And The Opera Singing Sheep On BGT

When Daniele and Naimana first appeared on the Britain’s Got Talent stage, they gave the impression of sophistication and class. Daniele Tomassi opened their performance of Alfredo Mazzucchi and Eduardo di Capua’s ‘O Sole Mio’ alone on stage, his operatic vocals filling the theatre, before being joined by Naimana Casanova in an operatic duet. The performance was traditional, and while the vocals were impressive, Simon looked bored by the Italian duo’s performance.

That all changed when a large black box was brought onto the stage. The judges looked at each other in confusion, asking, “What is going on?” as Daniele and Naimana continued to sing on stage. Then, the performance took a twist that no one expected. Out of the box, the two singers pulled two sheep puppets. The music continued to play, but this time, they kept their mouths shut, and the puppets opened their mouths instead. Suddenly, it all made sense – they were opera ventriloquists.

The judges laughed as the sheep sang, and Danielle and Naimana stood smiling next to them. When they were finished, they received an enormous round of applause from the audience and were flush with compliments from the judges. Simon first described his reaction, saying, “I thought, oh god, it’s just going to be another boring opera singer,” and then went on to describe the act as “genius”. The duo received four yeses, sending them through to the next round of Britain’s Got Talent.

This isn’t the first time that Daniele and Naimana have appeared on the ‘Got Talent’ franchise. In 2024, they appeared on Das Supertalent, or Germany’s Got Talent. They impressed audiences and judges there, too, managing to make it all the way to the finals of the competition. Here, Daniele puppeteered a dog puppet, while Naimana puppeteered two sheep. They sang in both German and Italian and, although they didn’t win, viewers were clearly still impressed with their performance.

Despite British audiences appearing to be even more enthusiastic about their act than the German audiences, Daniele and Naimana didn’t make it through to the semi-finals. However, it is safe to say we haven’t seen the last of this performance duo. With their unique and amusing act, alongside their impressive singing talent and comments like “We need more opera singing sheep! This was fantastic!” on the online video of their performance, this dynamic duo is sure to charm audiences wherever they and their sheep go off to perform next.

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