Dancing Policeman Dan Graham Steals The Show At Notting Hill Carnival & You Might Recognize Him

A dancing policeman with some serious moves stole the show at the Notting Hill Carnival, and you might just recognize his face. During a hip-hop performance, the emcee spotted the policeman doing a little boogie in front of the stage and encouraged him to put on a show for the crowd.

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The policeman stepped up in a big way, showing off some seriously groovy moves, with some tight footwork to boot. It turns out that Officer Dan Graham, 34, is no stranger to the big stage, as he reached the semi-finals on Britain’s Got Talent in 2017. Check out the viral video of Graham’s spontaneous festival performance below.

The sharp-looking Graham turned up for his Britain’s Got Talent audition in his police uniform and David Walliams loved him on sight, almost hitting the golden buzzer before Graham even opened his mouth. The policeman had a lot more to offer than his looks however, as he then performed a saucy freestyle dance routine that had the women in the audience swooning and the men grooving.

Graham was a hit on the show and impressed all four judges, which earned him a ticket to advance to the next round. The following day also turned out to be eventful for Graham. While he was celebrating with his friends in Epsom, Surrey, he heard a car crash nearby. As reported in The Standard, Graham detained the driver and waited for on-duty officers to assist. The officers subsequently arrested the motorist for driving while unfit. You can see Graham’s Britain’s Got Talent audition below.

Graham won plenty of fans online for his wild moves at the Notting Hill Carnival. They added comments such as, “This officer knows how to get the best out of people. I wish there were more like him – respect to the man,” and “Great to see the other side to the police. Nice to see them having a bit of fun on duty. They work extremely hard and are very understaffed.”

For more incredible dancing performances, be sure to follow Dan Graham on his Facebook.

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