Damian Salazar A Buenos Aires Guitar Playing Maestro

This awesome musician is called Damian Salazar from Buenos Aires, Argentina! You can usually find this guy busking on “Florida Street” ripping through some of the most iconic songs in classic rock. Located in Buenos Aires, Florida Street is closed off to vehicles making it a nice place to walk around and a great place to busk!

Damian has been spotted by some major names in the industry including Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters who ask Damian to play on his song “The Child Will Fly”. His unique playing style is super entertaining and I’m sure we will hear him on all sorts of major record releases in the future. Check out this great cover of “Don’t Cry” by Guns and Roses – you can tell he loves his music!

Trying to help others learn the guitar to his incredible standard, Damian offers guitar lessons on his YouTube channel as well as awesome videos of him playing on the streets. His technique and love for his instrument is a rare sight and quite wonderful to listen to.

Damian has also had his “Dream come true” playing on stage with the Scorpions, he said, “My dream came true. The legendary „Scorpions“ not only shared the stage with me but also let me be myself and have my own parts in a song that is known worldwide and connects people and generations around the globe.

He says on his YouTube channel he expresses his “feelings through symphonies and melodies with my guitar.” Playing covers of songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s Damian offers a large range of genres. This performance of ‘Still Loving you’ by the Scorpions is absolutely brilliant!

If you want to be taught how to play by a passionate, talented guitarist – go to his YouTube channel and contact him via his email address in the about tab. If you don’t want to learn, go there and enjoy more videos of Damian. You can also check him out on Facebook.

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