Japanese Street Dancers CyberAgent Legit WIN Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer On BGT 2024

One of the most otherworldly auditions of Britain’s Got Talent 2024 saw its members travel halfway across the globe for their chance to make TV history. CyberAgent Legit — an eight-piece street dance troupe hailing from Tokyo, Japan — performed an unexpectedly brilliant audition on BGT’s 17th season, instantly separating themselves from the common herd of dance stars with their wild take on futurism, melding jolting, mechanical moves seamlessly into the human form.

With hair tinted chrome silver and dressed in metallic red like retro sci-fi superstars, CyberAgent Legit’s captivating unison stemmed far deeper than their stage aesthetics. Its dancers, aged from 20 to 28, ran as smooth as glass through their convulsive routine, uniform like cyber men programmed to perform. Ultra-modern choreography transformed the dancers into robots, electrified into abrupt, glitching movements before settling flush into their mechanical selves.

After igniting a sensational party atmosphere throughout their live audition, Simon cemented CyberAgent Legit’s hype in BGT history by slamming the Golden Buzzer, sending the Japanese dancers straight through to the semi-finals. He told the troupe, “Amazing. That was fantastic. That was my favourite act of the day, actually.”

As judge Alesha Dixon noted, CyberAgent Legit stood ranks above their competitor dance troupes on BGT not only for their fresh-cut moves and insane aesthetics, but for composing their own original music behind each routine (the song “Rock & Fire” soundtracked their audition). CyberAgent Legit’s talent is multifaceted and pure to the core, honed from their numerous winning appearances in Japan’s D.League: a professional and prestigious dance league in their home country.

CyberAgent Legit’s origins are unexpected: they’re actually the official dance troupe for the Japanese digital advertising company, CyberAgent, Inc. But behind their corporate backdrop and mechanical choreography gleams a true, human drive for success in the competitive dance scene, empowered by the slogan, “We thrill everyone before and after we dance.” The “Legit” added onto their stage name represents the fact that this dance troupe is comprised of legit dancers with a passion for the arts, not just puppets of their company.

Since launching in 2021, CyberAgent Legit’s mission is to become “the dance team that represents the 21st century.” Combining hip-hop, pop, locking, breaking, and acrobatics into their choreography, this troupe has certainly hit the mark while auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent, earning nearly 500k YouTube views in the first 3 days of their audition tape being uploaded. After securing a spot in the semi-finals, we can’t wait to see what else they have on the cards!

If you want to see more mesmerizing performances from this groundbreaking dance troupe, make sure to subscribe to their YouTube Channel, CyberAgent Legit. You can also follow their intriguing journey on their Instagram account, CyberAgent Legit.

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