Cristina Ramos Wows America’s Got Talent Audience Singing Opera With A Twist

If you’re looking for a shocker of a talent show audition that combines both opera and hard rock, you’ve just found the video for you. If this bizarre and unexpected combination is in fact on your palette, you’ll love Cristina Ramos’ audition on Got Talent España. This wildcard of an audition shocked the judges and the audience with her impressive operatic vocal capabilities, alongside her more ferocious rock side. Not only that, but it earned her the coveted Golden Buzzer.

There were very much two sides to this individual’s performance. One was a graceful and expressive opera movement that dazzled the crowd with her incredible vocal range. The other was an Anastasia-esque rock performance to AC/DC’s classic hit “Highway to Hell”. It’s a rollercoaster ride of an audition that left Spain, and the rest of the world, speechless when this clip became viral. It also highlighted Cristina Ramos’ fiery personality and determination to make an impression. Take a look below:

At first, the audition began like any other. After a brief but friendly introduction to the judges and some questions here and there, Cristina’s operatic performance began. The crowd and judges were already impressed by her rendition, but they went wild when she quickly changed her dress from ‘elegant opera’ to ‘rock icon’ with the switch of the song. The ability to swiftly change vocal ranges and styles in such a fashion is a rare talent that Ramos has in aplomb.

“Highway to Hell” is arguably AC/DC’s biggest track from their extensive history as one of the greatest rock bands in history. Sharing the same level of fame as the likes of Queen and Iron Maiden, AC/DC is an Australian band that formed in 1973 and quickly rose to fame after the release of their 1980 record, Back in Black. This record, and its title track, created an AC/DC craze around the world that made them one of the best-selling bands of all time. Listen to “Highway to Hell” below:

Cristina Ramos’ electric performance earned her an immediate spot in the live portion of the competition, where both the fans and judges would decide who would continue through to the grand final. Not only did Ramos burst through the competition, but she won that year’s edition of Got Talent España and became an immediate viral hit. The YouTube video of her opera/rock audition amassed over 3 million views on YouTube collectively, and is a testament to the magic of mixing genres and reaping the results.

After Got Talent España, Cristina Ramos continued her talent show journey. A special edition of the …Got Talent series, World’s Got Talent, was created to highlight the cream of the crop of all the contestants around the world and create a super-competition out of them. Ramos took part, but despite making the Top 8 of the competition, she did not win nor reach the Top 2. If you would like to see more from Cristina Ramos, you can subscribe to her YouTube channel.

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