Courtney Nicole Kelly, Dytto, A Globally Famous Dance Sensation

Dytto is the pseudonym of Courtney Nicole Kelly, a globally famous dance sensation who specialises in robotic, animation, popping, and tutting styles. Born in Miami, Florida, on 27 April 1998, and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Dytto was a gymnast and cheerleader before becoming a dancer.

She started training in gymnastics at the early age of two and a half years, and later learned how to dance when she was twelve. She has trained in several styles, including contemporary, tap, hip hop, and jazz. The young dancer gained fame thanks to YouTube.

In 2014, she created a channel and uploaded a video of herself dancing to a trap remix of Barbie Girl by Aqua. The video instantly went viral and to date has almost 35 million views.

It only takes a quick glance at the comments under her videos to realise how much she is appreciated by her fans because of her tremendous talent. She is referred to as the best dancer in the world – in terms of her style – and people are impressed by the smoothness of her moves.

To feel closer to her fans, years ago she started uploading vlogs on her YouTube channel where she shares snippets
of her daily life, and interesting facts about herself.

In 2016, she competed in The World of Dance international competition, where she performed her famous choreography of Barbie Girl. There she was awarded as ‘Breakthrough Performer of the Year’, and gained global recognition. She also appeared in an episode of the TV show The AXI: Avengers of eXtreme Illusions (2015), and the film Life of the Party (2018).

She also performed in an episode of the third season of the popular Indian dance programme Dance Plus, and was the host of The Drop, a weekly program on the World of Dance Network. At the moment, Dytto keeps uploading videos on her YouTube channel and is quite active on her Instagram profile, which has almost 4 million followers.

We are eager to see what the future holds for this highly gifted young dancer who certainly has a brilliant career ahead of her. If you want to see more from this talented dancer, you can subscribe to her YouTube channel or follow her on Facebook and Instagram. You can also visit her official website for more information.

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