Couples Dance Battle Breaks Out During Swing Dance Festival Stunning The Audience

Rock That Swing Festival sees some of the best dance talents on the planet come together to compete every year. This couples dance battle is absolutely mesmerising…can you pick a winner? Watch the couples dance-off in the video below.

What is Rock That Swing Festival?

Rock That Swing Festival, also known as RTSF for short, is one of the largest swing and boogie-woogie dance festivals in the world. Many of the best dancers in this style meet up to perform, compete, and network during the multi-day festival.

The festival boasts some of the best live music, workshops and dance shows available in the world. Showcasing the Roarin’ 20s to the Rockin’ 50s with style and talent!

The video showcases the 2016 finals of the festival’s “Boogie Woogie Cup” in Munich, Germany. If you want to watch the same performance but from a different perspective, check out the video below. The person videoing the performance misses a few key moves, which is why we included the video below so you don’t miss it!

What is Boogie-Woogie Dance?

Boogie Woogie is an upbeat music genre that originated from African-American culture in the 1870s. The style became popular across the world towards the end of the 1920s. It is a type of blues music that lends itself very well to swing dance. After this new style of blues got popular, dancers quickly created a boogie-woogie style as an offshoot style of swing dancing.

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