Is This Kid The Next John Mayer? Teen Conall Gorman Wows American Idol Judges

This kid is the next folk-pop star in the making. Last month, 19-year-old Conall Gorman charmed the judges on American Idol with his original song “Backseat”, showing off a unique voice and a deft hand on his acoustic guitar. Katy Perry loved the fresh-faced singer from the get-go, praising his hairdo, while Luke Bryan was enamored with his beat-up guitar.

Conall proved himself to be much more than a pretty face when he performed his audition song. He displayed an expressive voice and a beautiful falsetto, and this young man is truly legitimate as a songwriter and guitarist. Lionel Richie admired what Conall was presenting, comparing his performance to the one and only Bob Dylan.

Conall has a sweeter voice than Dylan, though, and some fans online had a different take, with one saying, “Right when he started playing, it reminded me of John Mayer. I think he’d sound good playing ‘Waiting on the World to Change'”. Another fan praised his originality, saying, “I like how different he is from everyone else. Nobody sounds like him on this cycle.”

Bryan weighed in first, saying, “You started really strong. Like your first note, I think we were just pulled into the Conall vortex. You’re obviously a really, really good guitar player.” Perry gave a similar assessment, saying, “You’re on the road to being a pro. I think you have a really interesting voice. It’s definitely identifiable – it’s definitely Conall.” Both noted that the teen had a bit of work to do to reach his potential, though. Last month, Conall released a studio version of “Backseat”.

Lionel Richie made his comments last, telling the teen to relax. He said, “The tone of your voice, and even your demeanor – when you’re into your thing. I call it the Dylan look, where you play something amazing, look up, and look back down. Just be you and I think you’re gonna have a wonderful experience.”

Richie concluded his comments by reading out his notes, saying, “19, fearless and talented.” The judges then took a vote, and all three were on team Conall, sending the talented kid to Hollywood. The judges clearly saw the huge potential Conall has, and with a little bit of direction from some industry pros, the teen will no doubt be popping off big time.

If you enjoyed the unique voice and talent of Conall Gorman on American Idol, you can follow him on his YouTube channel or his Instagram for more of his fantastic music. At just 19 years old, Conall is already making waves in the music industry, and his folk-pop style has won him many fans!

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