Out Of Work Musician Hits 30M Views On YouTube After Starting A Band With His Kids

Colt Clark is a musician from Tampa, a city on Tampa Bay, along Florida’s Gulf Coast in America. During the Coronavirus lockdown, he and his family got very musically creative.

Colt, like many other musicians over the summer of 2020, had many gigs canceled as the world fought against a global pandemic. During the lockdown, Colt decided to start uploading videos of his family playing music together. They covered songs such as “Come Together” by The Beatles and “Sweet Caroline”. They have very quickly grown an international following on YouTube after some of their uploads went viral!

Colt wanted to use the time he had during lockdown to share his passion for music with his kids. After spending time teaching them, Colt said, “I wanted to show the progress that the kids are making and show them that we can still have fun during these weird, strange times,”.

Either Colt is a great teacher, or his children share his natural musical talents…or both! The music the family are making is simply brilliant!

Their videos are truly a full family effort with Aubree, the kids’ mum and a professional photographer, behind the camera for all their performances.

The three children’s names are Beckett (8 years old), Belle (6 years old), and Cash (10 years old). With their father being a professional musician, they have always been a family with a massive interest in music, the lockdown provided the perfect setting for this family to create their very own band.

Colt said, “The kids never got tired of it, which was just amazing to me,”. Their efforts and enjoyment were noticed by the national TV show “The Ellen Show” whose producers were inundated with requests to feature the family on one of their Zoom streamed shows.

The family were interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres and given a $20,000 certificate for their wonderful family performances, Aubree said, “That is life-changing”.

If you want to see more from this family of musical prodigies subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow them on Facebook for more family music!

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