Claudia Harrison’s Stunning The Voice Australia Audition

The blind auditions for The Voice franchise, and the coaches lucky entrants choose after a successful audition, have a big influence on the results of any series of the voice. Claudia Harrison’s audition for The Voice Australia, 2020, was exceptional in a number of ways. First off, she elected to sing opera when her only voice training was tips from her opera-singing Grandfather.

Then, after she had four chair turns and had clearly impressed the judges, Harrison mentioned that she also sings acoustic folk. Coach Delta Goodrem asked if she would sing an acoustic folk song. Harrison obliged by singing a minute and a half of Jes Hudak’s Different Worlds. Essentially Harrison did two auditions in one. Here then, is Claudia Harrison with O Mio Babbino Caro and Different Worlds.

You would have noticed a third unusual aspect to Claudia Harrison’s audition. After singing Different Worlds, she said that her mother was a big fan of Boy George. Boy George suggested Harrison invite her mother out. Harrison asked if she could also invite her one sister out, as she was a fan of Delta Goodrem. The two family members came out, were hugged by Boy George and Goodrem, and ended up at the coach’s chairs. The coaches then vied to get Harrison on their teams.

VCM Australia notes, “Interestingly she had to choose between coaches sitting with her sister and mother”. Talk about extra pressure in choosing a coach! In the end, Harrison chose Delta Goodrem. Commenting on her performance Scojo Music writes: “She’s the real deal if she’s doing all that with no lessons. Props to the band btw, they supported her beautifully on the fly.” Barbr2170 comments: “Not only does she have an absolutely stunning voice but her timing is perfection.” Let’s hear some more:

That was Claudia Harrison in the playoff round of The Voice Australia, 2020. It was her last performance as she was eliminated. Anybody can see that her personal presentation, her singing style, and her song choice had been poorly guided. One can only imagine what would have happened if Harrison had picked Boy George, or even any of the other judges.

Writing on VCM Australia, Skinderson observed, “They’ve changed her voice. They wanted the opera singer, so they get her to sing.. pop. So sad, what a waste. Just let her surf and sing opera. She should be singing with bella voci”. Ray Smith noted: “Goodrem had no idea of what to do with this incredible talent, what a waste due to a so-called coach’s ego.”

Given that Harrison was 18 when she appeared on the voice, and that she seems to have kept a low profile since, there isn’t much biographical information about her on the internet. The standard write-up comes from The Voice Australia: “Claudia Harrison is a surfer, a skater, and a self–confessed tomboy. She grew up on a farm, riding dirt bikes and horses, climbing trees, and playing footy. Her opera singing grandfather taught her how to sing opera, giving Claudia a unique talent.”

Incidentally, O Mio Babbino Caro (Oh My Dear Papa) is from the opera Gianni Schicchi (1918, by Giacomo Puccini with the libretto by Giovacchino Forzano). The Music Man wishes Claudia Harrison well and encourages her to pursue her dream of making a career in music.

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